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  1. it just so happens...... try this
  2. afraid not, its just a standard letter
  3. maverik1979

    voqu v hsbc

    it wont be a problem, when you come round to sending your LBA, just ammend it to reflect the reduced amount you will now be claiming
  4. maverik1979

    HSBC vs JK

    no, the same charges aren't listed twice, they are different charges, for example, in one month i had a charge for card mis-use £30 and one for returned direct debit £30, but i also had a total charges of £27.50, i queried this and found out that the total charges is for exceeding your overdraft limit, and its calculated on a per day basis, up to a maximum of 5/6 days in a month or capped at about £125 i think, its then totalled up at the end of the month, seperately
  5. bank charges spreadsheet remember though, you cant mention anything about the 8% interest until you submit a court claim, so jsut remove that part when using it as a charges breakdown
  6. For those that have looked at their statements and may be wondering, what can i claim for?, and why are the descriptions confusing?, what about the overdraft interest is that claimable aswell? wonder no more. you can claim for anything which is deemed a penalty charge, which includes: returned direct debits, card mis-use, unpaid standing order, unpaid item, exceeding your overdraft, overdraft interest (see below), total charges (see below) notifed fees Unauthorised overdraft arrangement fees (more will be added as and when confirmation is found) you can no
  7. maverik1979

    HSBC vs JK

    on my statements , up to and including may this year, the total charges were seperate to other charges, for returned items etc
  8. thought so, just checking
  9. maverik1979

    HSBC vs JK

    hsbc wont be witholding any information , you can be sure that they dont want that kind of problem, because that would be much more serious than paying out a couple of million in claims. is it that you know you had a specific charge at one time, but its not reflected on your statements?, or is it that you thought there would be more charges?
  10. no i dont think so, just current accounts have been closed, afaik
  11. maverik1979

    voqu v hsbc

    yeah that will be ok
  12. that should be fine, keep us informed
  13. that should be fine, i think they just want to know the date and the amount to be honest, as the description is a little vauge to say the least
  14. not to worry, when you get an offer from hsbc solicitors after submitting your court claim, make a stipulation of the settlement be that you are paid by cheque , that way you can do with it as you please
  15. just to clarify total charges is for o/d exceeding and is charged per day they add all these up at the end of the month, and are seperate from other charges
  16. maverik1979

    HSBC vs JK

    hello and welcome to CAG/BAG in reference to your question , total charges refers to a daily charge for being over your overdraft limit they can charge you up to 5 days in a month (might be 6 im not sure), so for every day they add up the charges in that month and call them total charges at the end, they are not the total of all charges in that month, but rather a seperate charge alltogether, so you can claim these on top of your other charges
  17. maverik1979


    ok just take your time to read through both of these posts, once you've done that and you understand them yo will be in a much better postition , as always if there is something you're not sure of, just ask frequently asked questions on reclaiming bank charges step by step guide to reclaiming bank charges
  18. maverik1979

    voqu v hsbc

    should be fine, which address did you use?
  19. yup take that aswell, total charges refers to being over your overdraft limit, they have a charge per day (maximum of 5 days per month i think) so they add these up every month and call them total charges
  20. theres nothing wrong with putting your own spin on it, but im afraid that they probably wont even read it properly ,also whilst its very good you're thinking up your court defence, again you probably wont get your time to shine, as they havent actually taken anyone to court yet regarding your Data Protection Act request, i know its a pain , but best to start from scratch and follow protocol, so a new 40 days
  21. The breakdown, Is this the information ive entered into the spreadsheet that was listed on this site ? yes At the moment ive just listed the dates and charges not the reason's, do I need to include this ? no you dont need to tell them why, they already know
  22. resend your ammended preliminary letter, with the new amount on but dont restart your 14 days, stick to your original timetable
  23. maverik1979

    Don Vs HSBC

    which address did you use for your correspondance?, and did you get confirmation of delivery?
  24. bring up the statements page for your account, under the statement window, is a button which says next set, click it
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