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  1. ok, i've been through all the hsbc business t&c's HSBC business banking terms and conditions HSBC business banking price list and i can find no reference to an acquiring charge, sorry
  2. is the interest you have calculated, the 8% interest?, or the overdraft interest?, if its the 8% dont worry as the £5k upper limit is non inclusive of interest, therefore you're total claim would be £4694.50 net of interest
  3. maverik1979


    it wasnt meant to be offensive, thats not the way i operate
  4. yeah sure i dont mind say £30/hour, thats reasonable i think
  5. aww c'mon spice, when you gonna spill the beans?
  6. "As DG Solicitors use the same systems as we do, we offer a seamless transition to issue legal proceedings, if necessary." hmm, why do they need us to send them details of our charges history then?
  7. yeah usual waste of a tree, carry on
  8. oh theres definitley a pun in there, about roles being reversed, and people being walked all over
  9. dont get despondant if its not there, just crack on with your schedule
  10. i would recommend sending you're charges breakdown with your preliminary letter
  11. this is, i remember, the exciting bit, coupled with disbelief, but mostly got me thinking what i could do with the money
  12. dont worry about the possible test case, thats all it is at the moment "possible", so its business as usual until we hear otherwise, dont worry about going to far into the description on your breakdown sheet, i just put what the online statement told me, without going into too much detail, and i had no problems
  13. like barracud says, go get em, dont worry its a pretty standard fob off letter, dont forget if you havent already sent the bank a breakdown of charges, now would be a good time
  14. yes you are correct, if in any doubt click the second link in my sig
  15. hi lizzy dont fret , you're in the right place now, when you say they took money out of your savings account, did they put it into your current account just to pay the charges?, regardless, they have been messing you about, and now its time to get your money back and put you back on track, we can look into all the other factors later, but best thing is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, if you have access to internet banking, i strongly recommend using that to calculate your last 6 years of charges, if not, then you will have to submit a SAR - (Subject Access Request)
  16. absolutely no difference on how you claim, its the same procedure
  17. they will arrive in seperate Batches, so dont worry about that, regarding the letter, it is just a standard response, which despite what you may imagine, means that they know exactly what you are planning
  18. i yes thats what you should do now, all contact info is stickied at the top of the hsbc thread if you're unsure where to send it
  19. obviously, this is very distressing for you, we do appreciate it can be extremely difficult for some people on here, we will endeavour to get to the bottom of this, please just give us everything from start to finish
  20. i dont mean to be pedantic but please could you explain exactly, and in detail what has happened?, from start to finish, that way we will be able to get a cleraer picture and hopefully be able to help
  21. not a problem. please read the sticky at the top of the hsbc thread , cheers
  22. im pretty sure that the bank cannot just cancel a credit agreement like that without exceptional cause, and as you have said, that the loan wasn't in arrears, something doesn't seem right here. hmm i'll get someone to give you a definitive answer
  23. i think that you may be able to cancel the protection whenever you want, just like on a credit card, but dont quote me on that
  24. no problem i'll get a mod to sort it out
  25. maverik1979

    HSBC vs JK

    it just so happens hedge that ive made a post about that, please dont reply as im going to have it sticked looky
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