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  1. i cant tell you you're being a wuss, then you lose out on your money because of a wait for a test case, but we still dont know what effect if any this will have on us in the immediate future
  2. my advice is, as always, leave the o-d interest alone, the 8% more than makes up for it
  3. al your answers are here: btw make sure you read the instructions carefully spreadsheet interest calculator
  4. lol , i can picture the scene
  5. i take it you are telling them that the offer isnt satisfactory?
  6. maverik1979


    on the statements its often reffered to "charge dr-" i.e. removing money
  7. the daily rate of interest is only applicable if you are submitting a court claim, dont make any mention of it at this stage, its a representation of your 8% interest broken down into days, i know they aren't exactly the same if you re-read the faq section it states that you take your claim amount, (not including interest) and multiply it by 0.00022 , thats your daily interest, which you put on your court claim form, if you're not sure about the process, please go through the faq's again, thanks
  8. sounds like a plan, and a good one at that, just get your current accoutn out of the way first, to familiarise yourself with the process, then concentrate on your other accounts
  9. if you're referring to the line which indicates you will be making a complaint to the ombudsman, it will not make any difference to you getting your money, but if you do want to put the line in, make sure you do actually go ahead and make a complaint
  10. Recieved letter from D G Solicitors We are instructed by HSBC Bank plc in respect of the claim you have recently issued. HSBC is entirely confident that its charges are reasonable , are properly and fully disclosed in its terms and conditions , and that it would successfully resist any challenge in the Courts in relation to them. HSBC is , however , mindful of the management time and irrecoverable legal costs associated with litigation in the small claims regime. For those commerical reasons alone , and without any admission of liabilty whatsoever , HSBC is prepared to make a pa
  11. its just a standard letter, they are v busy at the mo, so dont worry
  12. be carefull, we dont want to put this website in a position where it might be liablous
  13. dont lose heart, you're ------------ this close to getting your money
  14. ok stuart, keep us informed, you're at the sharp end now, no need to be nervous though
  15. quite right, so is it after fridays deadline then?
  16. in the post it doesnt say you can claim back only the ones which say total charges, i hope thats just a crossed wire, it says you can claim back almost anything which says charges on it, anyway the red wording is in red as its optional, you dont have to put it in there, the reason being what i said in the sticky post
  17. no, maintain your intial timetable, some people advocate moving forward their timetable, because the bank has issued a final offer, personally i wouldnt
  18. not unless the government slaps them with a big metaphorical fish
  19. i received exactly the same response, dont worry, its just a standard letter, continue with your timetable
  20. you probably will receive a reply, but again, dont be too concerned if you dont
  21. i take it you read the part of my sticky post where i explained the difficulties in calculating overdraft interest reclaiming?
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