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  1. oh and another thing ( i know too many questions ) just in the hope that i do eventually get my money back, i was curious as to what it costs this site to stay open for a month, to get an idea of how much to donate, whilst i do understand that its down to the individual, i feel that without this site i wouldnt even be aware that i could get any money back so i would owe you guys big time
  2. actually just had another question, im going to address my letter as follows the branch manager so and so bank blah blah blah do you think this will be ok as i cant find any specific information for who the branch manager is and i dont have time to go and see them in person ta in advance
  3. ah well im learning new stuff all the time cheers johnny
  4. you only need to get the DP ombudsman involved if the bank wont supply you with the information you need, but as you already know how much you are claiming, the just send in your preliminary approach letter i know that someone said that you need your DP information to prove that there was no manaul intervention, but that aspect is coverd in your preliminary request letter anyway
  5. well to my mind, they are admitting that they dont want to go to court as they think they will lose, so if you do put in a claim you get the 8% interest as well:)
  6. well im not an expert , but from what ive read in everyone else cases, it goes like this, if your total net claim (ie no interest and no court costs) is less than £5000 it will then be allocated to the small claims track, which means you wont be liable for massive fees if you lose, thats the main reason i think. so in someone else case they suggested splitting the large claim into 2, possibly as its a joint account you could each put in a seperate claim? not too sure on that though, but you would have to stagger the second claim for the individual account as the bank would try and ammalga
  7. all being well you should have your money within 2 weeks, good luck
  8. ok ive read as much as i think is possible (no doubt i've missed something), and ive got all the dates of individual charges logged down, i've calculated my interest aswell, i know i dont need this yet but its quite an eye opener (£731) so i'll be sending my preliminary approach for payment on monday by recorded delivery to my local branch for the full £4115 will let you know how it all goes
  9. well i used the online statement check instead of waiting for loads of paper to maybe turn up, and i knew i had paid quite a bit over the last 6 years but omg £4115 :o now the problem i have is that its quite a large sum of money and wouldnt that mean that the bank would put in more of an effort to get it back? as opposed to say £500 they would just write off and not think about it, what do you guys think, should i ask for the lot?
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