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  1. sure does, best of luck
  2. also try calling the customer service team and asking them where you're money is, you may be surprised, someone else has done this recently, and a 5 minute phone call later, all is well, money is there next day
  3. there isnt a specific template for this however: mr bank dude in relation to your offer dated xxx of £xxxx, against my claim of £xxxx, i am willing to accept this offer as part payment only, and i shall continue to recover the remainder as per the timescale that i have set out in my previous letter, if this is satisfactory please reply to me informing so, if however the banks position finds this unsatisfactory, i shall be issuing a court claim when the timetable i issued to you dictates, however i hope that we may still reach an acceptable agreement without introducing court proce
  4. personally i would stick to the tried and tested method which is proven to work, dont forget the whole point of giving these generous timescales, and repeated requests, is to appear to a potential judge that you have tried everything to resolve before court action so give em 14 days
  5. regarding your dpa request, i would say that you are better off actually giving them a ring first, before going to court, as someone has recently been able to sort it all out over the phone as for the looting of you benefits, i would suggest contacting the i/revenue, or whomever it is that pays you and ask them exactly where you stand regarding the bank taking it, failing that your local C.A.B. may be able to help
  6. have you read this one? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/2363-if-you-claiming-business.html
  7. so in conclusion , they know about and are going to sort it out then?
  8. nope they cant do this as it would be a breach of contract on their part
  9. dont know about first direct, but yes hsbc have closed a couple of bank accounts, however it was as they say for commercial reasons, i.e. people kept claiming the charges back
  10. ok best thing to do is stick to protocol, so combine all three claims if you wish (as long as your name is linked to all 3 that is), and send one lba for them all, but make sure in you letter you explain it correctly that there are 3 seperate accounts, and break down each account individually, then give them 14 days to respond, that way you are back on track again, so you can go to MCOL after 14 days are up
  11. 1. no 2.i believe they are obliged to disclose anything they hold on you, but they have also stated that this cannot be done because of the system they use (how convenient) 3.no i dont think it is, i havent seen one like that before
  12. you should probably say aswell that you are willing to accept their offer as part payment only and that you will pursue the bank for the remainder in court if necessary
  13. if ony they were all this easy, congratulations, now that you've smelled the sweet scent of success, dont delay, strike while the iron is hot (i find it gets rid of the really annoying creases aswell )
  14. cheers, but thats 2 things lol
  15. maverik1979

    Dani v HSBC

    luring you into a false sense of security more like
  16. i rather doubt it, its more likely that the operator didnt have either the ability or the clearance to find your details, they will be there, they have to be, try calling again, and if you get no joy go to supervisor ,then floor manager if need be
  17. best thing to do is stick with the tried and tested method, i.e stay truthfull to your timetable, because, you said in your preliminary that you effectively dont want to go to court and you would rather resolve this ammicably, to that end i think that you must stick to what you've already told them, so send an LBA, but as spice says make sure they havent already credited some money to you
  18. nope, post your lba today, the 14 day period is inclusive of weekends, dont feel sorry for the bank, the letter will have gone to the correct department, however please just adjust the lba to suit your needs and post it tomorrow, to Phil Beaumont in leeds
  19. i agree that collectively its a lot of money , but individually its not that much, besides any errors in calculation on our part may give the bank a good enough reason to think they can have the claim thrown out
  20. give them the full 40 days to produce them first
  21. basically anything with the word charge in it, except for cash machine withdrawals card misuse, o/d fee, total charges, returned item, charge etc
  22. hmm good one there, keep us posted as to your progress
  23. right then, let us know when you've got your totals together
  24. dont worry too much, they are very busy at the moment, they will take notice when you submit your court claim though
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