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  1. Sorry its taken so long to reply computer broke and had to wait to have it fixed. Thanks for the above info. Erimus1 not charges just what I owe.
  2. Hi Hi. Its been a while since I posted but everything has really quiet. [fingers crossed] History:- My Egg Loan was sold to Britannia Recoveries and Egg are collecting for then, I pay token payment every month. I finally won my PPI mis selling case against Egg and asked Egg to issue cheque in a different name. [my married name]. After a bit of a fight they finally did it. However I didnot change the name on the loan agreement nor did I tell them to do so or sign anything to agree to that. However I have received my yearly statement from Britannia and they have change the
  3. Well I dont believe it!!! Egg have today sent me a replacement cheque for my PPI but in my old name not the name I asked them to change it to! I have waited months for them to reissue a cheque in my new name even sending Marriage Certificate and driving licence. I'm lost as what to do now? Any advice? Thanks
  4. Know how you feel craigers. Have informed FOS of Egg's latest delaying tactic.
  5. Hi. Happy New Year everyone I made an official complaint to FOS because Egg simply refused to pay up. A couple of days ago I received a letter from Egg saying that if I send them a copy of my Marriage certificate [again for the 3rd time] and a copy of my new signature [i already have via a copy of drivers licence] they will issue cheque within 14 days. Now they have already had the infomation twice both sent via recorded delivery and both signed for by egg. Do I have to send it again, incuring more costs to me? I have send them an email stating that they already have the in
  6. Well I dont know what Egg are playing at but they still havent sent my my money even after having sent Marriage Certificate and copy of driving licence for signature purposes [put line through signature]. Made complaint to FOS official today. See if they can get the money out of them.
  7. Hi Hope everyone is ok. Begining of October I wrote to Egg re mis selling of ppi on loan with them. Well I had no fight whatsoever they paid up took arrears of for part payment of loan and sent me a cheque for the rest. The cheque they sent me was in my old name before I got married and I dont have a bank account in my new name just a post office account for Carers Allowance and a savings account [with a few ponds in it] so that i can change cheques etc. I returned the cheque to EGG and asked them to re issue the cheque in my new name. They sent and said that I had to provide a
  8. HI Received a letter today from Arrow Global saying that they had received my CCA request. However they do not own the account [they said in they're last letter they did] and will pass the request on to the owner and have suspended the account while they wait for the paperwork. Oh and dont contact Arrow again as Westcot are dealing with it for them and i'm to contact them from now on. Never ever had a letter from Westcot regarding the account so how am I supposed to contact them. Will sit back and wait for they're next letter.
  9. Thanks for that Tootles will do as Steven has advised then I will wait and see what they come back with. I agree I would have thought they would have taken more action if they could.
  10. Thanks Steven Will now write to them to say that I have no income only Carers Allowance. Should I enclose an Income and Expenditure sheet even though it hardly seems worth it for £55 a week?
  11. Thanks for that VS. Sorry it took so long to reply not been well. Have tranfered all monies from Barclays just to be safe.
  12. Hi Well its been over a year but Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd have now written but I dont quite understand the letter. It says ]MBNA have advised that this account was previously sold to Equidebt. MBNA subsequently repurchased the account and it was assinged to Arrow Global LLC, notice of the assingment pursuant to the Law of \property Act 1925 was provided to you on or around 27/06/2008. The account was then the subject of an intra-company transfer and notification of the assignment to Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd was sent to you on or around 21/03/2011. We trust the above clarifies the o
  13. I havent been around for a long time due to illness. Just came across this and i am now very worried. I bank with Barclays both my Carers allowance and my son's DLA go into my account and there is a saving account in my name and a friends name [its for our ladies darts team savings club and there is over £2000 in there] and have both an Egg CC and loan im paying both token payments of £1 a month. I also read that they haev now bought MBNA whom im also owe but I havnt paid anything on that for a while coz they dont have an agreement. Can they take any monies from my current accou
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