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  1. hi, I Would really appreciate some help in a very difficult situation. A little bit of background first. we Have a NRAM mortgage with was originally on repayment which was took out on 2005, subsequently we borrowed and borrowed in the height of borrowing and our mortgage as of today is 167,000. one of the loans which we thought was to run to the term of the mortgage apparently has matured in December 2016 and they want £11000 now. In 2006 my partner suffered 2 heart attacks within 4 months of each other and subsequently went to half pay and we started to fall into arrears on
  2. me again sorry to sound thick, i dont really understand what this means could someone explain to me
  3. as far as i was aware we didnt default as we did a vt on the vehicle we bought, only approx 1 year later did we get a letter from a debt collector stating that we owed money to them for something we had given back, so just to get them off our backs we agreed a settlement figure, only the letter they sent to us this shows as full and final settlement. on the credit file though this is a very different story. on the scoring part this was hightlighted red brackets and started in 2004 and showing as a default. so basically what you are saying, now that they have cleared it and this is showing as
  4. I have now decided to take the matter further, welcome finance defaulted me on my credit file for something that should never have been there. this have been on my credit file since 2004, i contacted welcome finance and they have agreed to take this off and i have since checked with experian and the default has been removed and is now showing as settled. this has caused me unneccesary stress over the past six years, as having had this on my credit file has deterred me from obtaining credit. I have decided to have a go at taking them to court under data protection, just need to get my head arou
  5. Thanks for this, I will have a look at the information commissioners website, just a bit unsure if i would have to write to welcome finance first and try and negotiate this or do i start with legal proceedings
  6. hi, I need a little bit of advice. I have got another thread regarding welcome finance and ppi missellling going at the moment but I have another issue with a default that was put on my credit file with them also. we bought a car from welcome in 2001, long tale cut short, we did a vt , and in 2004 we started getting demanding letters from a debt collection agency stating that we owed over £400 ( this was for the ppi that I didnt know that I had) we told them that we VT'd the car but apparently we still owed this insurance money, (couldn't understand but eventually we paid them
  7. thanks for your reply. I have contacted the FSA and they are off the opinion that i would have to get in touch with the brocker/underwriter of welcome finance who issued the ppi as they havent got a claim for welcome before 2003. do you still think this is worth the effort, dont really know where to go now. this letter is really getting my back up though.
  8. Hi I just need a little advice, here is the story very shortened version. I took out a car loan in 2001 with welcome finance, In 2003 i voluntarily handed the car back on a voluntary termination as payments were awful and i knew i could get a better deal somewhere else. I took out ppi, and in 2004 they wrote to us stating that the insurance part of the agrreement had to be paid even though we had handed the car back. In 2004 we paid a debt collection agency a settlement figure and received a letter stating full and final settlement. we have just found out that this is still showing on my
  9. hi, would you do mine for me, nothing particular just curious thats all thanks ruth
  10. did you actually have to go to court for the past offences? could it have been that you were just fined? another way of finding out if you have got driving convictions, is go to a local police station ask to speak to a data protection officer and ask for subject access to your record, this should show all convictions that have been to court. but not all driving convictions show its worth a go though, just bear in mind that they normally charge between £10 - £12 for this. hope this helps
  11. hi there, when you get points on your licence, dont you have to send your license off to DVLA for endorsement? why dont you phone up DVLA and find out how many points are on your License, thats what i would be doing i think first. Sorry its not much help i know but at least then you would know where you stand. ruth
  12. thanks for all your replies, you have really helped me out. tax credits and chb have already been used but at least i have paid all the bills this month thats once consilation. all i can say is i wont be using halifax anymore one other question being really thick here, with the new account with the alliance and leicester would you take an overdraft if they offer it? thanks again ruth
  13. thats right gizmo, and i get paid the 30th but how do we live until the 30th that would just about pay the mortgage , i would have to keep the £600 and then put all my wages on the 30th to pay the mortgage. hubby gets paid on the 7th Dec. the mortgage was paid end of october hope this helps ruth i have just paid all other bills this moth i have had the phone bill in the electric and gas i i got rid of those on dd due to charges i didnt want many dd in the bank due to the 4 weekly pay
  14. forgot to mention, halifax have also now taken away my overfraft just because i claimed from them and got my charges back they are now being arsy with me
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