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  1. Hi there, sorry for late reply, have been on hols I am unable to pm you asi haven't made enough posts and i can't post it here for the same reason lol... maybe if you pm me i can reply?
  2. Thanks for your advice, just to update i went for the email to the top bloke in the end. Emailed Neil Berkett, got reply that afternoon saying someone from his office would be in touch. Got a call less than an hour later from a very helpful chap who listened to my complaints and agreed immediately to cancel everything without charge, not even for any of the services i had used up to that point. He was so helpful i decided to keep a couple of things on (phone & BB - but not 50mb as just not worth it). The bill online has yet to be updated...but i'm keeping an open mind Thanks for the
  3. Just to update, called, explained all of above & told them i want to cancel - was told it would cost me £185 to cancel as i have gone outside of the 28 days and the reason they bill outside the 28 days is to give you a chance to decide if you want it.....yeah right! Anyway have objected and have requested a manager callback. Not holding my breath.
  4. Thank you George for your reply, i will call them right now & try & cancel. I too went for the 50mb BB which is simply not worth the money for the speeds we get, plus coverage is diabolical, i can't even get connected upstairs! That's without mentioning the £20 'activation fee' for XXL BB as it requires a 'specialist engineer', well the guy we got had in his words 'never done this before - i hope you know something about computers!'.....he also disconnected my satellite dish without permission and i now have wires dangling out of the wall on the outside. As for Tv - dreadful picture qu
  5. Hi I recently signed up to a Virgin package, that i agreed to based on some introductory offers that made it worth it. In the first weeks i have not been impressed at all- with any of it tbh from installation to tv freezing. The only aspect of it that seems ok is the phone - and even that doesn't work properly (no caller display but they can't tell me why it won't work!). They advised me if was not happy i could cancel within the first 28 days. For the good deal i thought i'd got it seemed worth it to give them a bit more of a chance. They of course billed me on the 30th day - if i had
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