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  1. Just sending a get well soon wish to your walnut, lol x
  2. They could, but if they do we might end up with all claims being stayed as they have with bank charges.
  3. I'm going after them for PPI on a credit card, PPI taken out in 1999 and cancelled in 2004. Had my big fat 'no chance' final response from them and although I am quite willing to take them to court, I phoned the FOS to find out if they would look at my claim and they have agreed to do so. It would be worth you giving the FOS a call and asking them, you still have the option of going to court, either if they are unable to help or if you don't get the result from them that you are entitled to. Good luck in whichever way you are able to go. The one thing that the FOS told me was that even if they are unable to look into your claim they can still take your complaint against the supplier. It would be well worth everyone complaining to them even if they have to use the court route. Regards, Doolally.
  4. be careful as u have some account numbers in the letter ( points F & G)for all to see. good luck
  5. I thought THEY had to prove that they hadn't mis-sold the PPI and not that you had to prove that they did.
  6. Hi AA, Many thanks for your help, will start to get one ready so that I'm prepared. Will probably be back for advice tho', lol. Regards, Doolally
  7. Can anyone kindly point me in the direction for the templates for any Letter Before Action (LBA) as I have a feeling that I may need one shortly. Also, is this the letter that is sent after the Final Response letter is received when there is no recourse to the FOS. Thank you for any and all help advice and pointers that I will receive. (Any extra advice that you think I may need before going down this route would be gratefully received as this is not doing my ulcers any good, lol) Regards, Doolally
  8. You are very welcome, I hope it is of some help to you in your struggles.
  9. Hi, As far as I can make out the time starts from when you found out about the problem, rather than when the account / loan/ cc / ppi was taken out.
  10. you might find this of some help: The Limitation Act 1980 states: © the action is for relief from the consequences of a mistake; the period of limitation shall not begin to run until the plaintiff has discovered the fraud, concealment or mistake (as the case may be) or could with reasonable diligence have discovered it. References in this subsection to the defendant include references to the defendant's agent and to any person through whom the defendant claims and his agent. This means that the time runs from when you found out.
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