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  1. Hi thanks for sorting that for me slick They only gave me copy statements - I dont have anything saying advance notification of charges? Is that where the commission would be broken down?
  2. Ive got an old statement which has 2x Account Control Fee of £12. This is shown in the break down of the commision. I thought I would be able to add this to my schedule but then later on they arent broken down. They just say commision? :s Could some kind soul point me in the right direction thanks!!
  3. Lets not forget fuel costs too!! Oil, Gas, Electric. Alastair Darling has already seen fit to request a meeting with OfGEM because of the recent price hikes
  4. That was Martin Lewis that was quoted saying they should drop the waiver or halt fresh charges.
  5. Yes I knew that - what I did mean was what his position within the organisation was (other than a senior official.....) because to me this could possibly be unofficiated comment? There doesnt appear to be a news release anywhere from the OFT
  6. From a news article on bbc BBC NEWS | Business | OFT may compromise on bank fees The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) could drop next year's High Court test case over bank overdraft charges, a senior official has said. No news on who the official is though - seems like a sneaky move by the banks again...........
  7. Other peeps have helped me out loads here so only right I give back - was re-reading the oft FAQs and it appears theyve updated it on friday when viewing the source on the page.
  8. Test case date set for 14-Jan-2008!! They reckon its going to last about 8 days for the hearing
  9. hehe do I have to copy all my bank statement to include in the bundle too?
  10. Well spoke to the court and he wasnt much help tbh. I said well what if I dont submit it and he said oh yes well you better send it in but beware theres a postal strike. So I think I'll fax DG but then send through the post and then drop either the bundle or statement of evidence at the court. Any suggestions whhat to do?
  11. thanks v much I'll keep you posted.
  12. thanks jo much appreciated
  13. Notice of Hearing In the xxxxx County Court Claim Numner 7Qxxxxx Claimant Defendant: HSBC Bank Plc, Date: 17 July 2007 Take notice that the hearing will take place on 1 August 2007 at 10:00am at xxxx County Court, The Law Courts When you should attend 1Hour has been allowed for the Hearing Please note: This case may be released to another Judge, possibly at a different Court. TO ALL PARTIES If any party wishes to rely at the hearing on evidence in an electronic form, such as a video tape, audio tape, dvd or cd, he/she should: 1.Serve a copy of the other party at the same time as copy documents are served in accordance with any order. It must include instructions as to how it may be viewed or listened to; 2Within 7 days from the date of this notice inform the court inwriting that electronic evidence is to be relied on and in what form; and 3. At the hearing provide whatever equipment is required to view the evidence (Although by prior arrangement the court may provide equipment to view a video tape. This arrangement must be confirmed by the court in writing.) 4. This Court operates a block listing policy which involves several cases being listed at the same timeand a number of District Judges being available to hear cases. We operate this sytem to ensure we can provide an early hearing date for the case whilst still taking account of cases that settle before hearing. However on some occasions the case may not be heard at the precise time stated on the notice. We will do the best we can to ensure that your delay is kept to a minimum, but please ensure that any particular problem is mentioned to the District Judges usher when you register. In some instances you may be asked to attend court later in the day or have the case adjourned to another date. This step will only be taken with the consentof all parties or at the discretion of the Judge =========== That what is says word for word
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