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  1. Hi thanks for sorting that for me slick They only gave me copy statements - I dont have anything saying advance notification of charges? Is that where the commission would be broken down?
  2. Ive got an old statement which has 2x Account Control Fee of £12. This is shown in the break down of the commision. I thought I would be able to add this to my schedule but then later on they arent broken down. They just say commision? :s Could some kind soul point me in the right direction thanks!!
  3. Lets not forget fuel costs too!! Oil, Gas, Electric. Alastair Darling has already seen fit to request a meeting with OfGEM because of the recent price hikes
  4. That was Martin Lewis that was quoted saying they should drop the waiver or halt fresh charges.
  5. Yes I knew that - what I did mean was what his position within the organisation was (other than a senior official.....) because to me this could possibly be unofficiated comment? There doesnt appear to be a news release anywhere from the OFT
  6. From a news article on bbc BBC NEWS | Business | OFT may compromise on bank fees The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) could drop next year's High Court test case over bank overdraft charges, a senior official has said. No news on who the official is though - seems like a sneaky move by the banks again...........
  7. Other peeps have helped me out loads here so only right I give back - was re-reading the oft FAQs and it appears theyve updated it on friday when viewing the source on the page.
  8. Test case date set for 14-Jan-2008!! They reckon its going to last about 8 days for the hearing
  9. hehe do I have to copy all my bank statement to include in the bundle too?
  10. Well spoke to the court and he wasnt much help tbh. I said well what if I dont submit it and he said oh yes well you better send it in but beware theres a postal strike. So I think I'll fax DG but then send through the post and then drop either the bundle or statement of evidence at the court. Any suggestions whhat to do?
  11. thanks v much I'll keep you posted.
  12. thanks jo much appreciated
  13. Notice of Hearing In the xxxxx County Court Claim Numner 7Qxxxxx Claimant Defendant: HSBC Bank Plc, Date: 17 July 2007 Take notice that the hearing will take place on 1 August 2007 at 10:00am at xxxx County Court, The Law Courts When you should attend 1Hour has been allowed for the Hearing Please note: This case may be released to another Judge, possibly at a different Court. TO ALL PARTIES If any party wishes to rely at the hearing on evidence in an electronic form, such as a video tape, audio tape, dvd or cd, he/she should: 1.Serve a copy of the other
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