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  1. Yes of course,i have a letter to post waiting. See what the response is
  2. Will do,will also see if other posters have had problems
  3. It is more about the way they seem to use false dates and post over weekends etc as well as being so arrogant and/or stupid in there dealings with paper work. To date there has been no charges,simply because i keep records. But they could produce a letter as proof that they had mailed me in any court case,even though they are lying through there back teeth as the franking date proves. That sort of underhand behaviour. But i was wondering if other had problems with them. For example when they first called me they used security questions,post code was one. Then three calls in they discover that they have my old addy and post code. Then got stoppy when i raised the question of just how good was there security when they couldn't get the basics right. There are many examples of just such things i could mention. Forgot to say,they are based in Wakefield.
  4. Albermane and Bond,not sure about the spelling of the first name but cannot get access to my files at the moment.
  5. I wonder if anyone else has dealt with this company? They seem to deal with pay day advances debt. Which is my case. But they at first try bully boy tactics and seem to be down right dishonest. They have sent letter to myself with a 7 day limit in them,but the franking mark clearly states there was a delay of almost three weeks,or they were simply lying. They sent the first letter to myself but to an old adress then once they found this out after they called me resent the same letter with the older date on but to my new address. They ignore letters asking why this has happened and just repeat threats. They say payments have not been recieved then ignore letters from myself asking if they could confirm so i may chase who cashed the payment. I could go on and on. Any feed back would be of use as i find my blood pressure rises every time i have to deal with this company
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