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  1. Thanks for everyones advice We are going to write to the council for an explanation and breakdown of the disputed debt and in the mean time inform Rossendales that the debt is in dispute. Thanks again
  2. Hi all, This morning my girlfriend received a letter from Rossendale debt collectors demanding payment for £303.00 which they claim is for unpaid council tax on a property which my girlfriend was a tennant in for a month in 2004. The letter is addressed to both my girlfriend and another person who was her co tenant at the time. Although this is the first letter she has received from Rossenadlaes, they are claiming that it is a final demand and that bailiffs will be calling to seize property if she doesn't pay within seven days. A couple of questions: 1. Are Rossendales in their rights to pursue my girfriend for the debt even though the council tax was registered in her co tenants name? (we think she may have given Rossendales my girlfriend's parent's address in an attempt to avoid payment). 2. If the bailiffs do turn up, can they seize property? (the address they have written to belongs to my girlfriends parents) 3. We are emigrating to the US in two weeks time should should we just choose to ignore Rossendales? Any advice would be much appreciated - thanks:-)
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