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  1. Sorry, didn't realise that sounded misleading! We didn't think we were entitled to any payment for the next year as my husband had a payrise that took us over the threshold. The revenue has confirmed we were entitled to the money they are now trying to recover!
  2. Hi Guys, I do hope you can help? I have looked through several threads to see if I can find anything as straightforward as mine! We received an "overpayment" demand 18 months ago. The demand was for the whole years tax credit award, the reason we owe them it ........ because we didn't return the annual declaration (we didn't retrun it because we believed we were no longer entitled)? Without going into unnecessary detail, we appealed, it was rejected. My only grounds for appeal were:- 1. How can it be an overpayment if we were entitled to it? Surely this is a most inappropriate word to use in our case? 2. There was no indication on the declaration that they would take money off you that you were entitled to? Over the next year we received another demand, then 2 weeks ago we had a letter from a debt collection agency looking to recover the money before it became a court case. The debt collection agency were very understanding, admitting the system was a farce and we should count overselves lucky we didn't owe several thousand! Could someone please give me advice where to go from here? As an aside we are now in receipt of Child Tax Credit again as I was made redundant. I would really appreciate any advice, apart from the fact we can't afford to pay it back at the moment I have a huge moral issue with this idiotic system.
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