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  1. Hi I would be interested in doing the claim, I can’t see how it works though or what it costs as it didn’t load properly. I’ll try again later on a different device. the flight was approx £120 each. the other people have rebooked theirs already so no option to cancel the whole thing and then rebook. When I looked it would have been about £14 a head more than the original price had they done that. I’m annoyed at losing my money but I also don’t see it would be fair for x8 people to have to pay out more, just because the new flight is no good to me and one
  2. My friend booked ten flights with easyJet from Newcastle. About a week later easyJet announced they are no longer doing flights from Newcastle, and we could be refunded or change to a different flight. The best option for the majority (8/10) was a flight from Glasgow. However 2 of us want a refund as the times/extra travel etc are unsuitable. EasyJet have said because it was one booking, it’s all or nothing and because the other 8 are having a new flight, the two of us not going can’t get a refund. In my mind, they sold us something that they must have known at the time wasn’t
  3. Hello I received a fine while parking my car in an unusual shaped bay outside a block of flats. The bay is more of a triangle than rectangle and one side of the bay had a single yellow line. I wasn’t parked along this, due to the shape of the bay it was about 2ft from the right side of my carThere was a sign-post that should have informed me of the restrictions for parking there, but the actual sign itself was missing off the pole! I have a photo of the pole with no sign. I also have photographic evidence that the yellow line was not continuous between the post I was parked next to and th
  4. Hello I have good news.. I won! I stood my ground, informed them that as I had had a disabled badge on my screen I was not paying their stupid fine. Also, as advised on here, I included that what they were doing amounted to Psychological Harassment, that they did not issue anything on the supposed offending vehicle, which is part of their agreement with the DVLA bah blah.. I also put, "I'm sure the OFT would be keen to hear how your 'business' operates". Unfortunately the letter that I sent to them is only on my work PC and mI' at home this week. If anyone would like to read it
  5. Hi feralcat2 Thank you for your informative reply... Yours response is exactly the kind of information I was hoping to recieve when I came back on here! I'll let you know what happens.. (if anything) Charlotte
  6. I came onto this site for some constructive advise. Not to be patronised. But thanks all the same.
  7. They've got cameras at the entrance and ext of the car park, in clear view, with footage of me entering and then leaving again 2 hours 16 miuntes later! I see your point about not replying if i'm no going to pay - but I think i will reply anyway, just so if it did go any further in future at least I could demostrate that I've fought my corner.
  8. Hello I have previously written on this website asking for advise regarding a fine recieved from Civil Enforcement LTd (I have included a copy below). I replied to the company with the recommended response (thank you !) - which basically said that I denied entering into a contract with the client, they had no legal standing, they'd not replied to my origional letter, and not to bother me again! I have since had a reply - ---------- (They've not bothered to write my name) We are in recipt of your letter dated 12.11.2007. We have considered the matters raised, but regr
  9. Hello I am also new to this site, and have read a number of stories similar ish to mine, so, like the previous person i'll try to keep it short. I recieved a letter from Civil Enforcement LTD stating that I had gone 16 minutes over the 2 hours allowed at Richmond, North Yorks Co-op carpark, and therefore had to pay £90 or £45 for the pleasure. I had been in the co-op all the time, due to helping my disabled mother with her shopping. Their is also a clothes shop within the same building which we looked in, hence being so long. All the time we were in the shop my mothers disabled bad
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