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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Hi Guys thanks for your advice , My daughter is so upset shes not sleeping and its really making her ill , We are and she is a law abiding citizens and would never dream that anyone could come up with a such sneaky underhanded trick like this and get their money back , It really make my blood boil . I will post any futher outcome on here, thanks again . Mark .
  2. Hi , Just wondering if anyone could help . my daughter sold an I phone 6 on E Bay on the 20th June , It was in perfect working order . On the 6th of October she was contacted by the buyer asking to erase her icloud account from the phone , She replied to the buyer saying that the phone had been taken back to factory settings and she did not have anything attached to the phone . On the 9th of October the buyer had contacted Paypal and raised a claim that the phone was not as described and her paypal account was showing a minus £145 balance ?? Paypal had told him to send the phone back to her and as soon as she recieved it they gave him his £145 back !!. On receiving the phone she establised the screen to be broken and the device would not power on . she contacted Paypal to find out what was going on and to explain that the phone was broken . They said that she needed to go to and get the damaged accessed by a 3rd party who was quailified to appraise the damage . This she did through the Apple shop at the Trafford centre , she uploaded the appraisal and sent to them. She checked her account a couple of days later to find the case had been closed due to insufficient evidence ?? She questioned this to be told that they have not given an estimate for it to be repaired . They said they would hold the case for another 7 days for her to make another visit and get the estimate which she did . she sent it to them the cost to repair was £299 . Now they have closed the case again saying not enough evidence again as it has not got the assessors name on it . They are now threatening to pass the Debt on to Debt collectors which has upset her no end . She is at her wits end and does not know where to go from here . Does anyone have any advice on where to go or what to do . thanks Mark .
  3. Hi Michael, Yes this is an NTO . I take it if they have the street name wrong on this document it does not make any difference ? It seems very unfair that I have was not served the PCN and given the opportunity to pay the £35 which it states on this document. I am a 55yr old male who is the most caucious person in the world when it comes to parking ( Never had a parking fine in 37yrs driving ).What really ****es me off is the owner of the shop that I was visiting said it was 90 mins free parking then a permit was needed which they would be provide if need be , I did not need that as I was only there for apx 1/2 hr. What do you think would be the best way to approach this if I make an appeal ? I really feel like I have some how been set up . Again any advice would be very grateful. Thanks again Mark
  4. Hi , Wonder if anyone could advise me on PCN I have recieved today , I visited Bradford on 21 May 2013 , I was parked up in a street call Brearton street for approx 30 mins . However I have just recieved a PCN for £70 stating I was parked in Breaton street ( They have missed the R out ) in a permit space with no permit . Also it states that as I had not responded to the 14 day payment it had now gone up to £70 . This is the 1st I have heard of it , No parking Ticket was put on my car so obviously I could not respond and pay the £35 . I am thinking of appealing against this . I would be very grateful of any advice on this matter . Regards Mark
  5. Hi , Just wondering if anyone could advice on a problem we have had with CPW . My daughter took out a 2 yr contract with CPW . The problem is her phone has been playing up ie when texting it keeps deleting the text and the battery wont charge up . This is the 5th time she has had it back to them for repair in 18 months. In her contract it says that if the phone devolps a fault 5 times they would replace the phone . Suprise suprise it is the 5 time it has been back and they are now saying it is moisture damage and the contract does not cover this . So she has 6 months of her contract to run with a totally useless phone that they are not prepared to sort out . Anyone had any similar and how was it resolved .
  6. Thanks again topletters , I will get the ball rolling this week , I will keep you posted if I have any luck .
  7. Hi Topletters Thanks for the advice, Regarding the inventory checks ,the agent did one when we moved in but on leaving I asked if I needed to be present on the day of departure, They said that providing every thing was in order there would be no need , which I accepted . This is my first let so I am not very well up on these things . We took out the tennancy on the 4th of april so it was before the new scheme .Unfortunatly I did not take any photo's before we moved (Never gave it a thought) but will do in future. The agent new this was our first let and probably knew we were not very well up on these things . If we were to take them to the small claims court what would it cost us? and would it be worth it ?
  8. No there was no damage there in the first place , the pic's they sent looks like a light shinning on a section of the wall about 8 ft up the wall .The house was left in a much cleaner state then when we 1st moved in . I really don't believe there are people about like these.
  9. Hi would be very grateful for any advice on how to go about getting back my £113.56 that the letting agency have kept from my deposit. Basically we moved out of a property after 6 months . 2 weeks later the agency said they were keeping some of my £700 because we have attemped to paint a wall with a roller which is a complete load of rubbish, No way would we paint a section on a wall . They have E-Mailed pic's of the so called paint job . I have just received back after 1 month of waiting £586.44. What a [problem] !!!!!!!!
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