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  1. Hi and thanks for that, how do I seek a review? And how would I get a copy of all notices from the council - would it just be a case of calling them? I do not get notices to get my tax through the post
  2. Hi and thanks for your replies so far. I spoke with the parking ticket office in Manchester - as I had to put details of the offence on the TE7 but I had no idea what date it was or where the offence took place - I had to get the details off them. No I have always been at the same address, and my car is paid for I filed the OTT on the basis I knew nothing about this and had received no paperwork.
  3. Thanks again Jamberson. No, I was not rude or confrontational with him (apart from refusing to let him take my car or pay him money) as I was in a state of surprised shock, and really did not have time as I needed to be at work. I am now however more than a little miffed that he treatened me with being arrested when he apparently had no right to - he literally was on his mobile phone as I left shouting (for all my neighbours to hear) that he was calling the Police there and then to get me arrested. I have spent the day worried sick that the Police were going to turn up and march me off at any time. I guess I will have to see what happens this weekend, but I have printed off all the eamils from the TEC and if he turns up will show them to him.
  4. Thank you for your prompt reply Jamberson, good to know what you said, but it is very intimidating. here is an email I got back from the TEC once I had sent them the TE7 &TE9 Dear Sir, Ive just checked your case again and they have now been processed. The TEC will now notify the Local Authority concerned that an application has been received and processed. Upon receipt of this notification the Local Authority is required to suspend any enforcement action. A copy of your application will be sent to the Local Authority. · The Local Authority is given 19 working days to decide if they wish to accept or reject your application. · · If the Local Authority accepts your application within this time limit, the court registration will be revoked (i.e. cancelled). N.B. This does NOT cancel the original penalty charge. The matter will be referred back to the Local Authority. · · If the Local Authority rejects your application, the court file will be referred without a hearing to a Court Officer who will make an impartial decision. You will be notified of the result.
  5. Hi All, Well its been quite a day, one to forget really but I need any help and advice I can get please. Just about to leave for work this morning, and this guy walks up, saying he has a warrant to collect money for a court fine I apparently got for a parking offence. He said he was a court officer from Marstens representing Northampton County Court. I was completely taken aback, as I did not know what this was about. I asked him to show me what documents he had but he would not. All he said was that I had to pay or he would seize my car. I kept it polite, and told him that until I knew what all this was about I was not going to pay anything and he certainly was not going to have my car. He then became quite agressive and told me that if I did not, he would call the Police and get me arrested. I had to go to work but I did get a reference number off him and then drove away whilst he told me he was calling the police and they would arrest me. Duly frightened, I emailed Northampton court ( or TEC as I was by this time doing some serious Googling) and asked them what all this was about. To my knowledge, the only parking problem I have had in the last 15 years is when I got a bill from a parking company accusing me of staying in a Tesco car park all day - that was sorted with a couple of emails and they dropped the fine. Fortunately, the TEC responded quickly, and told me I had to fill out a TE7 and a TE9. I contacted Manchester court for details, and apparently I was done for driving in a bus lane last January? I filled the forms out, and emailed them straight back - the TEC replied they have recieved them, they would send an email and will send the form back to Manchester court for them to look at this on the grounds I knew nothing about it. I also emailed the bailiffs with the email thread which confirmed this. Question please; where do I stand with all of this? This guy from the bailiffs was a nasty piece of work but can he still take my car and have me arrested? Frightened to go home at this point. Any help or advice would be really appreciated
  6. WOW Small Fry, what a brilliant piece of news and I am surprised not more people have acknowledged your achievement? I am very pleased for you and I hope this will help and encourage more people to go on to victory!! Its such a refreshing change to hear about a concrete success rather than the usual predictions which never come true and promises which are never kept which unfortunately are rife on this site. Well done !!!! m
  7. Some of you never learn do you? TIE get ready!! Lets revisit this post with yet another prediction in January, and see which way the custard goes. m
  8. Hi All, Perhaps we could and should have an explanation from the site team as to why he has been removed? pkelly dont fall into the same trap as Sparkie and delude yourself and other Swift victims - you should have learned by now that statements such as 'from the horses mouuth' 'watch this space' and 'swift will be out of business very shortly' just invite renewed posts from TIE. If it happens, I will be the first one down to Romford to give the departing Swift employees an F1 style champagne shower as they are escorted from the building - but somehow I doubt that will happen. m
  9. Thanks BQ for the most sensible post on this forum of late - be interesting if anyone can come back with some constructive advice as a result instead of the mostly useless babble coming out of this forum recently. I think some on here, and its pretty obvious who who are, should hold back on posting unless they have something useful to contribute. Some have lost sight of why we are here - to battle and beat these robbing bandits who are making life so hard for so many. Those of you who want to get into personal battles - go find a chatroom - preferably an adult one so you can get the bad language out without it being edited - and play there. m
  10. Hi Ozzie Good to hear from yet another satisfied Swift customer!!! Your situation is all too familiar unfortunatlely. Like you I was introduced to Swift by Ocean Finance, and I have written to them thanking them for helping me make the biggest financial mistake of my life, but they dont want to know - its good to know firms like Ocean Finance are in the business of helping people though? All I can offer you is to get the OFT involved - despite the good work some are doing on here, in my opinion it is only these guys who have the teeth to do some damage to Swift - they must have a whole room dedicated to their Swift files by now, so add your contribution to that effort and mail; [email protected] and [email protected] I am sure they will be interested in your case. m
  11. Guys, Why all the subterfuge? If anyone knows who TIE is, lets name him and get him out of the closet? If he is connected with Swift and exposure might get him in trouble - so what? At least give him/her a chance to confrim or deny? Why all the fannying about? m
  12. Nice one Apollo, Cas - also ping one off th Edward Allie at the OFT [email protected] The more complaints = more likely they will act m
  13. Hi Cas, I take nothing away from your eforts, but be aware the FOS are, in many peoples' experience, about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike - they always seem to favour the lenders. By all means write to them, but please get the OFT involved too - they are much more likely to make a difference. Just hit the link on FOS to see what I mean m
  14. Hi Cas, In a word, ouch!!! - yet another Swift success story - do they actually have any satisfied customers at all I wonder? Check they were not using the Rule of 78 to calculate the settlement figure - if they were, you might be stuffed as although it has now been abolished, it was leagal even though it was grossly unfair as the lender could lump all the interest on in an early settlement situation. Swift have now been forced not to use this from May 2010. If they did not use this method, challenge them on the OFT guidelines (and VERY importantly fire off a letter to the OFT too) that an early settlement figure should reflect a lenders fair and resonable costs in setting a loan up - the exact wording of that paragraph is on here somewhere - I think I have it on a previous post. Yet another example of Swifts' ability to rip people off - good luck on here and welcome to the struggle!! Once again, please take the time to get the OFT involved - these guys have teeth and we are all hoping that one day they will bite Swift back, but only if they have enough evidence. m
  15. Hi SJ I honestly dont know what to do - part of me is saying remortgage and get these robbing b*stards out of my hair for good, but another part of me is saying that I have taken the hit now - I have 8 years left to pay and as we all know you pay more off the capital in the later years so I should really start to see the balance come down. Another part of me is saying hold fire - the OFT are going to make these bandits crash and burn soon. I just dont know is the honest answer.
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