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  1. I got an interesting one for you. A request has been made to Robinson Way for a signed copy of a credit agreement. They write back to say that they have requested a copy of the same plus a default notice also from Capital One. and they say that they are the clients although there is written proof that Robinson Way have actually bought the debt so they own it now. They are using the 1925 Act of Parliament Protection of Property section 136 Assignment of things in action and collection of debts mmmm thats a new angle on things I would appreciate any info on this, I believe that if they cannot provide the signed copy they cannot enforce the debt and i don't see how a 1925 Act of Parliament has preference over the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Best wishes Dave
  2. Hi Bismark44. That is a great idea from Ananya. send for your CCA agreement and include a £1.00 postal order the have 12 working days to reply and while the account in in dispute they cannot proceed or add interest or other charges. Chin up we are all with you Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Bismark44. First thing is dont be scared of Mercers they are Barclay's own insider Debt collectors so they are not independent. They Will try to bully you thats how they work. But give as good as you get. But whatever you do Dont let them try to talk you into a Consolidation Loan. That can be charged against your home a Credit card debt cannot. And my advice is do not deal with Mercers ignore them ( write and tell them ) and continue to deal with Barclay's. Now one interesting point is if you have been paying Barclay's £50.00 a month for several months and they have been accepting it. on a regular basis. they have accepted that amount as the payment by default. Write and tell them. also dont forget to mention it is all you can afford Dont let them bully you into filling in an income and expenditure form. You are the only one who knows your financial situation. Besides how much info has been lost recently. I dont trust anybody with any info of mine. It is no business of theirs . Best wishes to you and good hunting . Remember just get over the initial threat from Mercers and ignore any threats of a home visits its all bluff. As you do not accept home visits and you do not do business on the doorstep everything must be in writing and dont talk to them over the phone .. Cheers Dave
  4. Following on from my recent actions. I can now inform you that the 30 days are now here and still no actions from TSB/LLoyds. Capital One had the cheek to send me a new statement with a late payment charge on it and Littlewoods say my request is being looked into and passed to the relevant department, that was dated 20th December 2007. The whole episode started on 20th November 2007. so now i am about to write to them with an appropriate letter,informing them , that they are now committing an illegal act. I expect references on my credit file to be deleted I am looking for a suitable template letter. If anybody could point me in the right direction Please.
  5. 28.12.2007 I got a phone call from Capital one in India on my mobile phone . Now i have never given them my number. and they have the bloody cheek to ask about the payment i havnt send, when they cant be bothered to reply to my letters I asked to be transfered to a Uk number and they refused How could i get the problem resolved by an Indian call centre. Then i get another statement with a late payment charge added. It seems the battle has begun and the war of attrition has well and truly started. . The 32 days are up on the 7th January 2008 then i shall remind them that are are committing and illegal act . Forward and on wards we go send in the cavalry Cheers Dave
  6. 28.12.2007 I got a phone call from Capital one in India on my mobile phone . Now i have never given them my number. and they have the bloody cheek to ask about the payment i havnt send, when they cant be bothered to reply to my letters I and then i get another statement with a late payment charge added. It seems the battle has begun and the war of attrition has well and truly started. . The 32 days are up on the 7th January 2008 then i shall remind them that are are committing and illegal act . Forward and on wards we go send in the cavalry Cheers Dave
  7. Following on my thread. Today i received a letter from Little woods (28.12.2007) Written on the 20.12.2007 In reply to my original letter posted 20.11..2007 asking for my CCA. I have since sent them the second letter saying the account is un enforceable. that was posted on the 14.12.2007 Littlewoods state that i have an assurance that my query is being dealt with and the details i gave have been passed to the relevant department. They do not even say which letter they are dealing will or any time scales. Nothing surprises me any more about Littlewoods as this problem has been going on now since July 2005.That was the last time i made any payments. As i made them a full and final offer. with 2 choices 1 to accept my offer and cash my check or 2 refuse my offer and return my check. They cashed my cheque within a few days of getting it. then spent almost 12 months saying it hadn't been cashed Cheers Dave
  8. INFO ONLY. If any of you are getting telephone calls about your store card account. Please check with them as to who it is that is calling you. They will always use the name of the store your card is with But insists on them telling you the truth. You will find it could be a company based in Claypit Lane in Leeds called VENTURA. They will put the phone down on you if you insists they tell you who they are. They also use the call 4 times a day every day method. It could even be a call from the office in India. It is worth asking questions of the company they say they are . You will quickly find most debt collecting companies hate to be questioned and they soon lose their tempers with you and put the phone down.
  9. Update on my thread Recent applications for CCAs from Littlewoods, Capital One and TSB have resulted in only one reply. that being from Capital One, who have very kindly sent me a copy of the current terms and conditions of my credit card agreement.no signature though. Which still took them 17 days to arrive at my door. I have sent all three a second letter by recorded delivery informing them, that the account is uncollectable. I suppose now i have to wait for the 32 days to pass before they are acting illegally 1 QUESTION should i continue to make payments during this 32 day period. or just tell them they cant enforce the payments and see what happens
  10. I got a new point to inform you about. I have said i sent asking for Credit Agreements, which are now over the 12 days. So i have been on the Royal Mail site to TRACK and TRACE my recorded deliveries. There is a recored of a delivery on one letter, But when i went into Proof of Delivery. There is NO record held by the Royal Mail. So i called the customer service line. After hearing about the Xmas delivery service i finally got through after about 20 mins to a human. What he told me Gave me cause for concern about the Royal Mail recorded delivery service He told me that Deliveries to large companies do not get a signature as the recored letter is posted along with the general mail in a sack So there is no recored or proof of delivery. What the hell did i pay the Royal Mail for in the first place So All the information about sending things as recorded mail is a complete waste of time. I think that is a con and should be investigated. I have been let down by them and they have broken a contact with me that i have paid for. I now have to write to another part of Royal Mail to check if the postal orders have been cashed. As you can tell i am absolutely fuming. So everybody take note when you send recorded mail Cheers Dave
  11. Thanks for your help Johcris. I shall do that . But what i am asking about what is the long term action to take . Can you reclaim all your interest charges. demand a withdrawal of all Credit file records or refuse to pay the outstanding debt . demand all payments be repaid or simply write the debt off. Its all very well going down this road but needs to know where the road takes you. There isn't a Sat Nav for this journey. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi Help and info needed I have posted letters requesting CCA from 4 companies enclosing the fee ( £1) the 12 days are now up and i have not recieved a reply from any of them What should my next step be PLEASE .. Cheers Dave
  13. Well thats it the 12 days are up and still no replies to my request for the credit agreement. But they kept my postal orders cheeky things. I contacted . Littlewoods ...Capital One ..TSB and another one for a friend likes to help out. I am not giving up hell no way Cheers Dave
  14. Hi I have posted 4 recorded delivery letters asking for my credit agreements the last day of the 12 is up on the 7th December 2007. Friday As of today i have not received a copy of any infact no response at all but one has said they will try to find it but would reply inside another 21 days way over the legal requirement. What is the next step if i dont get any response withing the 12 day requirement Cheers Dave
  15. can anybody direct me to a web site that i can use for calculating interests for a repayment claim on my Barclaycard. Cheers Dave
  16. I was offered a lump sum repayment or over £200.00 when the charges are over £1000 no interest added either. They then canceled my cash drawing facility ( not that i used it ) and reduced my credit limit by the same amount . Round one to Barclay's NO they will not win round two. Cheers .. Dave
  17. Many thanks Bookworm I fully intend to stand my ground . They dont give a hoot about the cunstomers.
  18. Hi everybody I am just about to embark on a crusade with Barclay's over my Barclay card charges. I have written to them and sent my cheque. The information was received in todays post . Something worth noting is the information held on microfilm. Barclay's state clearly that it does not fall within the the definition of relevant filling System. Now i thought it was all included. But having said that they have as a good will gesture sent me the full 6 years. How nice of them. Earlier in the year i made an attempt to get my charges back and i was given £276.00 . This was credited to my account without any chance to accept or reject. I am not wanting any money in my account as it is money i have forked out over the years. What they said was that it was the difference between the actual amount and the OFT recommendations of the £12.00 but no interest included. What did they do then but prevented me drawing cash on my card and reduced my credit limit buy £250.00 Isn't that strange. It was on account of them being responsible lenders and to make sure i didn't draw cash and overdraw. I had not drawn any cash in the 6 year period. They built up my account by not only adding on late payment charges but also adding over the limit charges which was caused by their late payment amount. Which in fact was charges upon charges. I wrote complaining about that several times in the past few years,without any response I shall charge them for those letters. My Total amount stands at £1050.00 minus the £276.0 already credited to me. With the added interest and other cost it should be round about the original figure To be honest Barclays used the card more than i did I shall keep you posted. Dave
  19. Davey Just be aware of these bodies who we get told to contact by the banks and building societies. I dont know if you are aware or not but it is the very same people that fund these debt bodies that we are fighting and whos side do you think they are on. They get you to give them all your information and use it not in the best interest of yourself. There is all the info on these web pages to manage your own affares. without conceding your personal details. Best wishes Dave.
  20. dear Davey I am alwauy concerned about these offical bodies who we get askd to contact such a the debt lines etc . Just ask yourself who funds these bodies. The very people who you are trying to fight and how much information do you think they are going to give you. they have a respsibilty to the folks who fund them Such as the Banks
  21. Many thanks Rory32. With reference to the 2 accounts . What i meant to say was that the credit file shows 2 entries both MBNA credit cards for a similar amount outstanding amount. But the Holder of the cards only has 1 account and 1 card So somebody else credit card has been put under the wrong name and credit file and they are only taking the matter to Court for the amount of 1 credit card. Is this another example of information on somebody else going astray or they dont know what they are doing. At the moment there is no CCJ on the account Hillesden Securities have threatened to put the matter before the courts and get a CCJ and a Charging order at the same time. I think a defense claim should be registered in reply to the summons. But still no agreement in the post yet 6 days of the 12 have already gone A summons has been issued
  22. With refernce to the request for agreement details. MBNA use Hillesden Securities and it is them who have been requested to send agreement details. The have said thanks for the £1.00 fee. and stated they will try to find the original . But if not send a true copy. They inted to update the info within the next 21 DAYS. I thought they had to send it within 12 working days. Although they work on a Saturday they dont count that as a working day. Perhaps the staff work for nothing. What would you suggest the next step is as they do not intend to send the paperwork within the stated time of the law. and furthermore they have two entries on a credit file for a substantial amount when only one acount is held. That sounds a bit of a farce to me. As they are threatening to take the account holders to court and get a charge on the property HELP HELP
  23. More Mercers bad administration. Judging by all your comments it seems to me that they dont have any admin skills at all. I have a payments plan with Barclaycard set up on the 6th September 2007and all is going well. Well so i thought. On arriving home tonight i have a letter from Mercers. stating the usual rubbish. Despite a recent letter from Barclaycard you are still behind with your payments. I have not had any such letter from Barclaycard, what gives them the right to tell lies and behave like morons as one person said in the forum.I called Mercers, they refused to accept the Barclaycard agreement .So i did the next best thing and called Barclays, who promised to speak to a Andrew Yau. Customer Relations Manager and inform him of my complaint. ( the writer of the letter setting out the agreement ) But what springs to my mind is which idiot informed Mercers that i was behind in payments. When i wasnt and whats more that will show on my Credit File Something for you all to check. When you get mail allways check the address of the sender against the postmark and you will be surprised that many times they are not the same place. My Letter from Mercers came from Liverpool. Yet the envalope address was Northampton. A hell of a long way to go to post a letter, or are they pretending to be somebody they are not and is this not illegal . The mind boggles at the antics of these so called customer care related companies and the S*** B** Debt collection companies which are usualy in house based They think we are all stupid. But the fight has just begun come on you public and defend your rights and challenge these companies actions to do things without your knowledge. Regards Blencathra
  24. Why not check with Creations to see if your account has been outsearched at Ventura in Leeds, or India. That could explain why you dont get replies from then Oh by the way Ventura are owned by Next plc
  25. Hello Blencathra here. How many of you know that Creation Finance use call centres run by Ventura of Leeds and India. So when you forward information some of it goes to Ventura and not Creation Finance. Ventura is owned by Next Plc. Are you being pestered by telephone calls. Check before you answer with any details that it is Creations Finance and not Ventura. When answering any call you are informed that it is Creation. Selfridges. This is very missleading as it could be Ventura. Is this honest or not ? To help you. why not visit the Ventura Web site for the surprise of your life .. I did . You thing you are getting too many phone calls some friends of mine are getting 4 calls a day over many weeks. Only yesterday during a call the caller was asked where he was. He said i dont know. How did he find his way to work and home again. He has to check with another source where he was working. He could have been in India as he didnt know where Claypitt Lane was . But he said he was working there . Do they take us for idiots ? Now you know why your letters get ignored Enjoy finding out who is ripping who off ....... Regards.. Dave
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