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  1. Hello I have been working for a company for the last 20 months. I signed a contract of employment at the beginning of November 2009. I have resigned my position with my last paid day being 31 August 2011. I will have worked for 22 months. When handing in my notice I pulled my contract of employment to check notice terms etc. I noticed that my contract had the following clause "Remuneration Your salary is currently £xxxxxx per annum payable monthly by credit transfer as detailed on your pay statement. Plus £yyyy per month in respect of the service allowance." I have, for the entire
  2. Thanks for the advice. I wll let you know how it goes.
  3. I have checked and the address they have the alleged account linked to isn't actually the same as any I have lived at (close but no cigar). I suspect the last payment made on the alleged account is just under 6 years ago. Would I be right in assuming that if I avoid acknowledging any debt until the 6 years have passed that it would be unenforceable anyway or does the clock start ticking again on receipt of the first letter. I propose to send the following to them (I mark all letters like this "Without Prejudice" top and bottom of every page and send them recorded delivery) what do you think:
  4. Hello, I recently received a letter from Lowell FInancial regarding an address I lived at in 2000. In the first letter they merely enquired if I was the same person who had lived at that address. In the second letter they talked about a Barclaycard debt for about 5500. I sent a CCA request with £1 and received a letter dated 21/11/07 telling me they had requested the CCA from the original creditor. Today I have received a much less pleasant letter again dated 21/11/07 threatening to send an agent to visit. I want to quickly put a stop to that. What sort of format should my letter take to
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