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  1. I cancelled my Morgan Stanley Direct Debit and sent them a letter saying I wouldn't be paying until they produced an enforceable agreement. Then they started harrassing me by telephone. So I sent them the telephone harrassment letter via special delivery and yet they still keep calling... from 8.00am on the dot until 9.00pm on the dot. Anything I can do now to shut them up?
  2. We had the same problem. Send them the letter asking for everything they intend to use in court. We did this and they withdrew the claim from court themselves and what they did send wasn't worth the paper it was written on. BTW, they said they issued a default notice for us but they "can't find it". True morons in every sense of the word!
  3. Well done Dave! These people are such idiots! I am actually enjoying the post now as it is fun to mess with them.
  4. Once again, you are the best! I owe you several pints!
  5. Halifax have issued a county court claim against my husband. I have acknowledged and asked for information for be sent to me. They didn't do it in the allotted time and the court sent a letter saying that if Halifax wished to proceed then they would have to start again. Halifax stated they sent a default notice but it wasn't included in the pack they sent me of everything they intended to rely on in court. All they sent were statements and their version of an "agreement". Can anyone tell me whether this agreement is enforceable? Then I am going after them for the default! For some
  6. We CCA'ed them on the 12/11/07 and they responded less than 2 weeks later.
  7. Thank you both! I am utterly thrilled!
  8. Very good information indeed. Luckily this is one that hasn't caused any problems so not too terribly worried about it.
  9. Well, since I am on a roll... does this "agreement" look enforceable? VirginEdited2.pdf
  10. Hi, I CCA'ed EGG and this was their response. Does this look enforaceable? They just canceled my card even though I have been paying, never missed a payment and so forth and would really like to stop paying them!
  11. My husband had this letter come through today. It the one card that never had a missed payment nor near the credit limit. In fact, was paid off in full many times. But we did CCA them and they came up with a rubbish application. Now they can sit and spin for the money!
  12. I CCA'ed Intrum Justitia on 12/11/07 and they cashed the cheque on 14/11/07 and sent a letter stating they were passing this back to Mint as they could not provide a CCA. I have yet to hear from Mint. Now today I received a yellow card from AIC advising me to call them (yeah right!). What letter should I send to AIC? Should I send anything to Mint? They are way over default time limit and I have stopped paying.
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