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  1. @aretnap, genuine thanks for taking the time to reply..... I have a blue form - plea and mitigation, effectively offering - Guilty or not guilty pleas and by post or court appearance etc and for the two seperate offences -speeding and this carry on of allegedly not admitting who was driving (honest error). When this goes in, what would your suggestion be with regard to plea / form filling in and perhaps your suggestion of explanation. I do note that I can try for the telephone approach, but I feel that I need to send in the form either way?? Thanks again.
  2. Good Evening All, Long story cut short, received a NIP for speeding 37 in 30mph. Addressed to myself. After a week of arguing agreed it was my partner and popped off the form to the right address.Month later, received another form, moaned and grumbled and duly filled out the form and sent away again (not recorded) truly did not see the need to. Today partner receives a summons for the initial speeding offence (no dispute here) and now also failure to name the driver, yet one of the NIP forms with my hand writing on it is included with the bundle of documents???Having calmed down after getting all frustrated with it all, I can only a spot one possible issue (on my part unfortunately) - The first letter was addressed to me and I replied with my partners info and sent back. The second, may have been addressed to my partner and I may have actually filled it out again as if addressed to me by mistake as I thought it was the same thing - a la lost in the post!Within the bundle there is also a third NIP letter, which I sincerely never received I know at least one NIP form was received, but I think both that I received as they actually sent me one with my hand writing on it. Hope this is making sense! What a mare to now receive this. There is absolutely no dispute on the speeding offence and we replied to both the NIP letters we received, though I do take on board the fact that I may have filled in one form in the wrong place. However, both were returned, no arguments, disputes or nonsense as to who the driver was and now get a court summons! Common sense would have been nice from my point of view, assuming it is down to the fact that I filled in section B not A etc.... Perhaps a little letter to say you filled in the wrong bit or is that too obvious and easy? I would be sincerely grateful for any advice as to prevent this from a court visit. Partner has been driving 12 years, not a single offence and I had 3 points about 7 years ago in all of my 20 years driving.... What a mare At the moment, there is no number or option to try and explain and I'm absolutely of the opinion that this is not in the best interest of anyone concerned, waste of time and money for all! We in our minds have been upfront with who was driving, filled out two forms, though one may have been in the wrong place and to then get a bundle of docs saying that we are hiding the identity of the driver is a little upsetting to say the least. Is there literally no option to discuss this with either the constabulary, court or CPS?? We are stuck for the most common sense approach and any ideas would be most warmly welcomed. Thanks in advance, D
  3. Howdy, Fingers crossed, someone with a little more employment law knowledge than myself will pick up on this for me, even if it's just a simple sanity check. I'm conscious of divulging to much info, but can comfortably outline the situation. I have been employed with my present employer for 10 years in Oct. My employer told me of a take-over, which was largely driven by a significant work providers drive for a single supplier/business partner. In a nut shell, we were one of of two partners to a large plc and it's now one, with the larger of the two retaining brand/name etc. We are the smaller of the two and have subsequently been taken over. Last week, we as a company received the formal notice/company communication (hate to say it but the positive/exciting times ahead blarb) I had been aware of this for some time due to my level within our business and for key strategic planning. Long story cut short, today I met the new HR Director. In a nut shell, my role, responsibilities and title is to change or so I'm told. Salary red ringed so no issues there, but the intended new role is in my eyes something I worked up from 4/5 years ago. I totally appreciate the fact that it's a larger organisation now, with new opportunites etc, etc. This element is plain and simple. However, I feel It's not for me and effectively, I'm taking a backward step. Our current MD is fab and i had a chat today and propsed redundany, which he said he will do for me if i decide i go that way. I'm fine with this but I hate to say it, am a little miffed..... Other information is the fact that at no stage, has anything informally or formally been communicated to me in the sense of a change in role, title and responsibility etc to me personally. Further more, the company which employed me in the sense of my contract still exsists. They have not vanished in the sense that I know that some key clients/contracts still exsist with my employer and will do so for some time. My question is, any thoughts for or against / pros and cons of either taking redundancy, which would sort of suit v.s. digging in and arguing that I'm employed in X capacity and so on and expect to be/continue within the new organisation...... Can i adopt the sorry, I'm the company "role" and not this newly suggested regional "role" I think I have a case, but would appreciate any thoughts. My thoughts are that surely I should be given some form of notice to outline the changed that were outlined today? What could any positive outcome be i.e I dig my heels in and it goes in my favour and I retain my title/role within new company? Is constructive dismissal a posible better outcome v.s redundacy or even negotiating severance based on length of service/salary etc (I mean financially) Basically statue weekly cap value on redundancy does not match my surrent take home weekly pay. Sorry for the lengthy ramble. but thought the background would help with any potential responses. Thanks in advance. Do I go with the offer of a redundancy, fight for a role I believe I should retain or dig in and fight the new company? D
  4. Hi All, If anyone with a little more know how than me or perhaps who has been through a claim refusal with some success can take the time to offer their thoughts, I'd be most grateful.... I genuinely dropped my Plasma from only 4-5 inches off the ground on to the carpet, when taking it off the stand to go up onto a wall bracket. OH couldn't quite manage the weight.... Anyway, 50" LG plasma landed face down with only a tiny scuff and the buttons on the front loose, with no other visible damage. Assuming all is ok as the power LED was still on, we tried again and managed to get it on the wall. When I tried to put it on from standby, I only get sound, no picture. Calls Esure who appointed SBS insurance? TV collected and inspected and today gets a phone call to say, that the Power Supply is the fault. Great I thought, an easy ish fix. Before I could for ask how long for repair, the chap on the phone from esure said as it is a power supply fault they will not cover the claim as they fail and are a common failure. I went round in circles for a minute or two stating that it was working before it took a knock and I also pointed out the TV buttons were loose etc. The chap did not want to know though and advised that a letter would be sent out. I hate to say it but I lost the plot and hung up as I would have ended up swearing or saying something silly!! Well and truly frustrated that i'm a esure customer for some 7-8 years with no claims to date and they pull this one on me.... If I wanted to be silly about this, I would have broke the screen and blamed the kids Wiimote. This was a genuine bump and now I feel pretty much let down by esure! Is this worth some kind of challenge and if so, any ideas would be great. Or if it's a no win and I'm stuck, I'd sooner know then I can move on and take my 2 cars, home and buildings cover elsewhere... Thanks in advance!
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