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  1. Hi my daughter is at her wits end..her bank paid money into her account by mistake, she thought it was money from one of her kids policy.. so she spent it..now the bank has informed her it wad paid in het account by mistake and they want the money back! But its been spent, apparently it was someone's pension money that was sent to the wrong account..she hasn't got any money left and only works part time. .how will she pay back £5000
  2. Thanks for your advice, i had no intention of paying them and they saw commmon sense and refunded my connection fee of £30.00 and cancelled my subscription..
  3. To be honest i don't know much about the leagal side, but on considering your options..they will pursue you for this car and believe me they are ruthless. The person who sold you the car said they were conned! and in turn they stiched you up..wow what a friend..i pursume you didn't run a credit check on it..from your thread you said the car wasn't in good condition, lbl normally take cars that are in fairly good condition..and if they want money to cut their losses they will be wanting probably more than what you brought it for as there intrest rates are sky high!! I sugguest you try and come to a deal with your friend who sold it to you!! sorry i can't be more helpful!!
  4. Hi to everyone.. Just after christmas i was talked into having sky tv, even though i explained to the salesman that it is hard to get a dish up were i live. Any way when the engineer arrived he could not put a dish up, so he used the enternal connection.. and eventually i got my service the following day however, the service started freezing on and off over a few days and decided to canel within the 8 day period..i rang then wrote a letter. After about a week the box was picked up and that was that... But i kept getting letters for payment of £120 which i ignored, now its gone to debt collectors.. Can they do this? I am in the process of writing them a letter stating that i was unhappy with the service and that i did not sign a contract.. Will this be enough??
  5. I had paid quite a lot of money...and realised it would have been impossible to get it back as they were asking for around £8000, they have since snet me a letter saying they sold it and i owed them £3500..lol
  6. Hi I had my car taken by LBL in April..I had parked my car where i thought it was safe at work, when i came back my car was gone. So after checking the spot where i had parked it and the notices around it, i decided to go to the nearest police station to report its theft. After a short while the officer informed me that LBL had got my car and had left a number to call. I had taken advice and had lawyers on the case, but the thing is once LBL have your car in most cases there is not much you can do. From what i understand there was supposed to be a test case going on, but it keeps getting put back...quite frankly it will be a long drawn out contest..while thousaunds of people are losing their cars...This company shoud have never been allowed to get away with this kind of dealing, and the law should be changed!!!
  7. To late it has been sold...and they are still coming after me for thousands..I thought the loan was secured against the car!!. They want to send in a debt collection agency in and are threathening other means of securing what they say i still owe, can this be right..
  8. hi I took out a loan and couldn't keep up with the payments, they now have my car waiting to aution it off...They said i could come and collect my belonging, but i would have to being a spare key and id of who i was. When i replyed and told them that i thought they had chjanged the lock, they said it would be added to my account....If they have my car is that not it, the loan is secured on the car!??. Mind you saying that there sent me a default letter with a long list of charges, some months they said the sent me 6 letters, yes thats right 6 LETTERS!! at £12.00 AND 10 phone call at yes you guessed it £12.00 a go.. this is insane:mad:....they have the car!!?? Am i right, i don't think i will collect the thing from my car..they can keep it..
  9. I have been sent a letter from lbl and they intend to sell it.. The loan was for £3k, the £8.5k they are asking for is intrest and default letters, calls, etc...My car was a mercedes.. They have told me i can collect my belongings that was in the car.
  10. yes..unfortunately i don't qualify for leagal aid, so they are looking to see what else they can do..It doesn't really look hopeful, i have read some other replies and a few peopl have said that there cars were sold within hours. I have received an early settlement calculation letter which says when i took the loan out, and how much i owe.. Thats about it.
  11. thanks for the advice, i do have soloicitors on it but i am worried that they won't be able to stop the sale in time. If i get this ex parte injunction, would i have to take it to their office in putney London, as the car i think is being held in Enfield London to be autioned off"!! I only know this because i thought it was stolen and was told by the police that lbl have it.
  12. hI I have had problems with Lbl and they have finally got my car and say i have 7 days to pay £8,540.45. Do you think i could also go down this line, the problem is that i only have 4 days left. l WOULD BE GLAD FOR ANY INFORMATION
  13. Hi I too was offered this deal...but the catch was i had to pay the solicitors fees which was more than the orignal loan, of £3000. I was tempted to sign, just to get them off my back, but it would be a catch 22....i would have the solicitors on my back instead of LbL. However l am glad if this has worked out for all you LbL loaners.
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my bank Alliance and Lecister. A while ago i asked them to recall a payment that i made, which they did and they credited it to my account, which was great. However it was credited to my account again, but at they time i didn't really notice it. It wasn't until it was taken back out of my account, this is when they realised there mistake. But the problem is that when they took the money out i had a cheque that came in. So what they did, was to charge me £25.00 to pay the cheque, which left me £90.00 overdrawn, then they charged me a further £5.00 for overdrawing my account. (currently it is still overdrawn and has been since February). I have written to them and spoken to them and disputed that it was their fault, firstly for paying the money twice and then making me overdrawn. They have not answered me... However they keep writing to me to tell me my account is overdrawn.. Who is right?? Can they do this??
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