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  1. hi my daughter gets £20 a week from the farm, as the manager confirmed this to me when i went to see her, but she was reluctent to tell me exactly how this works, my daughter told me she only works at the farm 2 days a week, and the manager said she does 14 hours a week convenient, as she knew about the csa 12 hours minimum to be eligable for child benefit, i have written a letter to the secretary of state to confirm if this farm is classed as school or college but im still waiting for a reply, im not sure when the csa last asked for a child benefit print i think this is all down to my ex and
  2. hi babyd85, she does not go to college at all, she only does 2 and a half days at the farm, she is doing a level 1 in land based studies, what ever that is ?
  3. i have since been to the farm to see the teacher, manager, as she broke data protection laws by discussing my emails with my daughter, who then slated me on facebook, the teacher then told me, ( lying through her teeth ) that my daughter does 14 hours per week, conveniently for her anyway. i know she does not do this many hours for a fact, and i will prove it over time and send it to the child benefits people, also can i be paying this till my daughter is 20 as thats what i have been told, any 1 about this ? thanks
  4. hi all, i am currently paying csa at £400 a month for my daughter who is 18 and in full time non advanced education, she only does 2 days week and not sure how many hours that entails as the training farm she attends are being pretty cagey when it comes to giving me details, i think its 9 till 3. should i be paying, as the csa guide lines state that the child does a minimum of 12 hours per week not including dinners, and also is the farm recognised by the secretary of state as being equal to a school or college, any help would be great, thanks.
  5. hi all i have recently handed back my car under the terms of my agreement, after paying more than half that i owed, now the company are trying to charge me £170 for not having my service book stamped up to date ,the car has been serviced at another garage ,it is 8 years 0ld can they do this and is it legal, any help would be great thanks.
  6. hello every one, i am about to be charged £106 for canceling my car insurance policy with budget insurance after 10 months, i pay it monthly, i bought a new car and the insurance with budget was to high so i went to a new insurerer how can i avoid this cancelation charge and is it legal, any info would be gratefil thankyou very much.
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