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  1. no, nothing is mentioned in the agreement about the what is included in the cost of the check-out. I am not thinking of going to court for this matter. it is too much hassle for me. I don't think the pain is worth it. I will have to spend more to make the claim without knowing whether I will get the money back or not. I think it will just be a lesson for me not to make such mistakes in future. I think this is a way of extracting money from people by adding hidden fees in terms and conditions and there could be more people like me who failed to notice it before signing the agreement. Thanks for all replies.
  2. yes, the check-out fee mentioned as £95 plus VAT. but shouldn't they charge landlord these costs? just because it is in the agreement, does it mean I must pay whatever is mentioned in it?
  3. Hi, I vacated a house two weeks back and the agent is charging me £114 as check-out fee and deducting it from my deposit (deposit amount is £900). unfortunately this fee was mentioned in the tenancy agreement in terms and conditions (not clearly visible like other fees) and I signed it in the beginning without noticing that charge. now the agent says I will have to pay because it is mentioned in the agreement and says this cost is my contribution for the cost of the check-out. they appointed a third party for the inspection of the property after check-out and may be they are collecting this to pay for that inspection. but I am not sure if I should be paying this or they should charge the landlord. I rented properties before, but never paid any check-out fee. do I need to pay this fee now because I signed, regardless of whether it makes sense or not?
  4. Hi, I bought a second hand car by part exchanging my old car. I signed the papers, but after coming back home, I checked the average price of that car on the internet (in AutoTrader.co.uk and Parkers.co.uk) and I think I overpaid at least £1000 on it. but I haven't driven the car yet (I told them to clean and do full service before delivering). can I now change my mind and cancel the deal? do I have a legal right to do so? if they can reduce the price by at least £500 I am happy ( I am not sure if they will agree), but if they don't, can I cancel the deal?
  5. need to clarify this because it contradicts with what I said later. I did call them to ask what is the problem and how much it costs etc, but they said it is not possible, they have to fix HG first which was obvious, then see if it solves the problem and check it further if that doesn't fix the problem. then I believed what they said and they carried on with their work.
  6. I may get AA or RAC to verify if the job has been done properly and get the garage to fix it if they found any issue with it, so that I can stop worrying about another breakdown due to overheating. this whole story is a lesson for me to avoid local garages and go to big branded/reputed garages. even if they charge more, at least the repair and the customer service will be very professional and there won't be any doubts about the repair. this is not to say all the local independent garages are bad, but it is a bit risky if the one I chosen turns out to be bad. this garage is part of good garage scheme, but it seems the scheme can't be trusted. the main complaint about this garage is their inability to diagnose the problem, tell me how much it costs and how long it takes before doing the repair, so that I can decide whether it is worth going ahead or just sell the car as it is. they said that's not possible and I believed it.
  7. finally some good news for me after a long stressful time. they found something wrong with the "heat exchanger" which they replaced with a second hand part (they warned me new one costs £200) and also they charged me £50 extra for that (so luckily no problem with engine block which would have cost me lot more). in total they took three weeks to fix the overheating problem (replacement of head gasket, other parts and now the heat exchanger). I collected my car now. when I told them to absorb the cost of this part since they charged me main dealer price, they were very angry saying main dealer price would be much more than that and said they spent a long time diagnosing the fault and had to use the service of some engineering firm few times which cost them a lot and said they did me a favour by not charging more this time. but they said its all fixed now and the problem shouldn't come again and can drive long distances without worrying about breakdown. Thanks a lot for all your replies
  8. first of all thanks for all the responses to my question. it is not about blaming garage. right now I am stuck with this faulty car and ran out of ideas to solve this issue and so posted the question in this forum. I spoke with the mechanic again and he says he double checked the HG is fine, cylinder head is also fine and checking if there is any other part that needs fixing. if that turns out to be OK, then he suspects the problem could be with engine block (I know nothing about car parts, so please excuse me if this doesn't make sense) and says even confirming 100 percent if that is the problem and fixing will involve lot of work and will be another major job. if tomorrow he says the whole engine needs to be rebuilt, then I plan to get a quote from RAC or AA and if it really requires engine rebuilding then I will speak to the warranty company and try to get it fixed at another garage, if the warranty company agree to bear some of the cost, because the car in this state is no good for me. I spent almost £6K on this car in total till now (including its original price, warranty and major, minor repairs). regarding a written diagnosis report, as I said earlier they said they will have to strip the engine down and is time consuming and costs a lot and there isn't any other easy way or tool to find that out.
  9. if the garage had given me a report of what's all wrong with my car and how much it will cost to fix before carrying out the repair and if it is going cost me more than what I paid already, then I would have decided not to go ahead with the repair, because it will exceed the value of the car and I would have sold it for whatever price I am going to get. I kept calling them every day when I first gave it for repair to know how much it will cost, they kept telling it is not possible to diagnose everything before. I think their approach seems to be fix something, run it and if it doesn't work, check again what else is the problem.
  10. ok. I didn't want to deviate this thread by providing too much information than the actual problem I am facing right now. I could have put this info in my original post, but there is no button to edit the post. car purchase date: Nov 2009, mileage when bought 66000, current mileage 71300. I paid the full price, it was not financed. it is Ford Focus 2003 diesel car. I haven't bought anything else extra apart from the warranty. warranty sold by the dealer, but provided by some company called "warranty management services". it is a five star warranty, covers only major problems but with some conditions. they don't cover some parts damaged by overheating. not sure if they cover engine block, though it is a major failure (can't find it in my warranty booklet, if I call them now I am afraid they may refuse the payment that they authorised already for head gasket saying garage didn't diagnose the complete problem). first major repair was done in Oct 2010 for clutch and dual mass flywheel replacement (some grinding noise was coming from the car while driving the car). this cost me £800 (including VAT) as I said earlier, warranty company said it is wear and tear and didn't pay for it. next major one is what I explained already in this post.
  11. I bought the car in Nov 2009 from a dealer for £3600 and I bought a three year warranty on the car for £600. I haven't got it inspected when I bought it. I did a test drive and looked OK to me. but within a span of less than two years, there were two major problems with this car. the clutch and dual mass flywheel had to be replaced which cost me £800 and warranty company didn't pay for this saying they only pay for things that are broken. they say it is worn out, not broken and mechanic says it never breaks and warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. now major engine problem with the car (again I lost trust with this garage after they failed to diagnose the full extent of the problem, I am not even sure if the head gasket is really gone or not). this one cost me £1365 out of which warranty company is paying £450, so effectively £900 paid by me. in total I spent around £2000 for repairs (excluding warranty cost and their recent payment). after all this, the car is now almost worthless, I can't drive and I can't sell it. now I have to pay more to buy another car and can't recover some of that by selling this car.
  12. they are not the same, but are related and I posted the questions as the events unfolded. one of them was to see if the bill is high or reasonable, second one was related to my car theft. they all are related. I am going through a very tough time in my life right now. I was already in trouble with the garage repair and on top of that my car was stolen (recovered later) and I had to pay money to get it recovered. if I had gone to a reputed (branded) garage, I wouldn't have faced this problem. I am regretting a lot for going to this garage who don't seem to have the skills to do major job. it is a small, but old garage. right now they are still checking to confirm 100 percent what else is wrong with my car. its been almost three weeks since I gave my car for repair. they said they will get back to me tomorrow with their findings. once that is done, they may ask me to pay even more and I am not sure if I should be paying more, because I lost trust in this garage now. I wouldn't have agreed for the repair in the first place, if the cost of repair going to exceed the value of the car and I would have saved some money at least. it is eight year old focus diesel car and paying any more won't be right for that car.
  13. obviously I haven't done that, learnt a lesson now, I should have asked for a diagnostic report before carrying out the repair. This is the first time I encountered such a problem. but Is there anything I can do now? Is it not possible to diagnose the problem with the engine beforehand without carrying out the repair? Is there a quick fix to this solution without going to court? I have even asked them if they are ready to buy my car and they said they don't buy or sell cars. it is Ford Focus 2003 diesel. I am not sure if I can even sell the car in this state and what price I am going to get. it is a huge loss for me and I am eagerly waiting for some expert opinion on my issue.
  14. Hi, my car was overheating and I got it repaired at a local independent garage after paying a huge bill (£1365). warranty company has agreed to bear some of the cost (£450). I am yet to receive money from the warranty company. they said they replaced the head gasket and other parts like drive belt and drive belt tensioner etc. But after driving for around 10 miles, the I got the "engine oil" and "check engine" warning lights once again. I was about to take it back to the garage next day morning and my car was stolen in the night, but luckily it was found within few hours. the thieves drove it for only two miles and no damage done to the car because of theft. I took it back to the garage (I told them the car was stolen, but not driven for long distance and I got the warning lights before theft) and now they say head gasket is fine, cylinder head is also fine and the problem could be with engine block. they are saying they found the problem with head gasket and they replaced it and thought that the problem will go away after that and they say they don't normally check the bottom half of the engine for more faults and say it is very rare for something like this to happen. I wouldn't have paid the bill in the first place, if it was such a serious problem. now I am not sure if I should be going to the warranty company again and what their response would be. fault with the engine may be covered under my warranty, but since they have already agreed to pay for head gasket, I doubt if they are going to pay more and may refuse to make payment at all blaming the garage. I also have a maximum limit on my single claim and total claim with the warranty company. should the garage not diagnose the problem properly before carrying out the repair? what are my options right now? should I make a complaint to trade association? I would like to solve this problem as quickly and amicably as possible and don't want to get into lengthly legal battle which is not good for me and for the garage. I am without my car for past three weeks despite paying so much money and not sure how long I have to wait more until this problem is solved. it is causing me lot of stress, Please help me to find a way out from this problem I already spoke to them, they said they can't fix it free of charge, because it is a major problem and will cost them a lot. they keep saying they fixed the problem with head gasket and thought the problem is solved and say no garage strips the whole engine to diagnose the problem.
  15. Hi, my car had a overheating problem which I got repaired from the garage by paying around £1365 (for replacing head gasket, in fact I got some advice on this forum if the bill was reasonable or not). after it is repaired, I took it home (around 2.5 miles from there) and in the night I drove less than a mile and found "check engine" indicator glowing (leftmost corner) and also the "engine oil pressure" indicator (on the right hand side) was blinking and drove it to home very slowly (whole of this journey was less than a mile). then on the same night my car was stolen (keys were with me and the car was locked, not sure how they managed to do it). so basically I picked up the car from the garage in the morning and on the same night my car was stolen. I informed to the police in the morning and they found it within few hours because of tracking device fitted in my car. I think the thieves couldn't drive it for long because of the problem in my car. they drove just couple of miles and left it at a location. once the car is found, it was recovered to a vehicle compound 15 miles away and I went there paid £170 for recovery, collected the car. I had excess of £500 with the insurance company, so I paid for the recovery myself. then I was driving it back home and found the car was overheating again and then I called the breakdown service and they recovered the car to my home. I have told the garage that car was giving a warning sign and also told them the car was stolen on the same night. There was no other damage done to the car because of theft. but because the thieves drove it after the warning indicator would have made the situation worse, but according to the tracking device, it was driven only for couple of miles before it was abandoned on the street. but if they had driven with high acceleration, that would have caused some damage. now my questions are 1. if I take it to the garage now, they may defend themselves saying since the car was driven for few miles even after the warning sign, they don't take the responsibility to fix it for free (whether I drove it or thieves drove it doesn't matter to them). are they right in saying that? first of all, the warning indicator indicates the car isn't repaired properly. according to the tracker, apparently the garage hasn't even test driven the vehicle after fixing it. so I doubt the quality of the repair. also I kind of suspect them for theft as well, because the car was with the garage for two weeks and it was stolen on the same day (in the night) when I picked up the car, though I don't have a proof. when police asked me if I suspect anyone, I said no. 2. I am not sure if I can involve the insurance company in this matter, because it is very hard to argue that the engine is damaged because of car theft and especially when it was driven only for couple of miles by the thieves. Please help me. I am still in shock from car theft and now I am in a much bigger problem.
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