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  1. Well I have Littlewoods wanting to take me to court for payment for items I have never had, I received a photoframe last christmas, my sister-in-law had brought the same item so I returned mine, they say they never got it, I couldn't find the slip saying I had sent it back, cos I have never needed it before I never kept it (silly me) so Iahve paid for everything else just not the photoframe, interest and charges and being added and now court action. I am definately not paying for something I havn't had I have used them for years and have never had a problem so I am abit taken aback by this, surely they can see me point and understand why I am not paying.
  2. My advice would be Freedom Finance I have claimed back from FirstPlus, but I went through Central Capital whom arranged the loan for me. Goodluck.
  3. Don't wish to upset you but it was with the FO since last October only got decision the other week, mind you my first adjudicator left so I had to wait for another that might have delayed it i guess, it has been a long hard slog and I won't be happy until cheque is in the bank and I can look forward to lower payments hopefully. Good luck with yours.
  4. As I have posted on the success forum I have won my claim against Central Capital/FirstPlus by going through the Financial Ombudsman, that part is good, very good. My problem now being getting the money out of them I still have no idea how much is coming to me and how much is going to the loan. The FO stated that I must be put back in the same financial position as I would have been had I not taken out the PPI. Original loan was for 29,500 with almost 7000 loaded on as a single premium, I don't know how much to expect back they are both blaming each other for the delay really had enough now though I was thrilled when I won, now I think they are playing mind games with me, would it take them this long to take money from me I doubt it. Any suggestions on speeding them up, the FO says that as far as he is concerned he has done his bit and the case is closed with him, I just hope it dosn't take them months I want my money back NOW!!!!!!!!!. :???: :???:
  5. I have just started a reclaim on behalf of my husband from HFC Direct, just wanted to check that I have the correct address for them North Street Winkfield Windsor Berkshire SL4 4TD The only other address I can find is a PO Box number so I didn't think that would be any good.
  6. Well I have successfully reclaimed all my PPI back from Central Capital/FirstPlus after winning my case with the FO, only trouble is I have no idea how much etc as they are stalling with their figures and have told me I will have it when I have it so to say, surely they can't drag it out forever after all the FO has told them to put me back in the financial position I would have been in had I never taken out the PPI. So good news that I won my case but not so good as I am struggling to get my money. Any ideas, the FO Service say that my case is now closed how long should I wait.
  7. Mine keeps on increasing no matter what gone up lamost £60.00 since the start.
  8. Hi there thank you so much for your messages, I feel like I have won an Oscar, still going with the rest of my claims and won't give up. I hope my story gives others hope, althouigh I am sure they won't all be that easy. I have received response from the FO that they have received my complaint against First Plus. G E Capital have not get back to me as yet but I am awaiting their response. My complaint with GE was that they turned my Mothercare storecard into a Mothercare Mastercard and then added Account cover do any of you think I have a claim, might be abit of a longshot but I am willing to give it a go. Keep smiling.
  9. Will now post in the correct forum. Have had success with HSBC claimed back £2300.00 in PPI, quite easily I have to say. Good luck to everyone else. Full story on my original post. Happy Happy.
  10. Yes, pretty sure they are sending me enough as far as I can work out, they were actually quite nice about it really concerns me a little hence having money paid into my Barclays account instead.
  11. Had acceptance letter signed it and returned, obviousley opted to have money paid into another account, just in case they try to close my account of something and use some of it to pay off my overdraft (quick thinking) apparently they are closing peoples accounts I think that is so wrong, they did say in their letter that I was a valued customer of theirs (yeah right) and that this would not affect my relationship with them at all. Now going after First Plus and also think I may have a claim with GE Capital noticed Account cover on my card, never asked for that it started off as a Mothercare Storecard and somewhere along the way has turned into a Mothercare Mastercard how did that happen?????. Will keep you posted, good luck to everyone.
  12. Knock me down with a feather, received phone call from HSBC last night saying they are going to support my claim and are refunding over £2000, oddly enough yesterday morning I spoke to them to see what else I could do and they said that they were still looking into it again, maybe it was because they had received my Contract of Employment and they can't argue with that but less than 4 hours later received phone call making me an offer, strange really I was geared up for a good old fight. Now I can concentrate on FirstPlus. Thank you I will let you know how I get on any more ideas please let me know.
  13. Hello there I have sent off first letter to Central Capital who broked the loan for me for FirstPlus, they have sent back a final response saying no. With HSBC I have sent of a request for the PPI repayments along with documents like my contract of employment at the time stating that I only worked 10 hours, they also say no even though I was told I was unable to have PPI due to the hours that I worked so I am stuck now, not sure what to do next.
  14. Have sent off everything even ny contract of employment that says I was contracted to 10 hours per week, but I can't get anything back.
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