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  1. It was the Adjudicator. Just one section went as follows "Please note that by signing the form you are accepting the general approach to calculating the settlement on your complaint. Lloyds TSB will then write to you with the exact figures. If you believe that the firm has made an error in the way it has carried out the calculation please contact the firm initially to discuss this. If you are unable to resolve the matter with the firm, we will be happy to assist you". The FOS assist what they mean is wait another year for them to assist. I really do not believe the FOS expect people to sign
  2. Good luck with that nortie because when I said my son would not sign the form until figures were released the FOS said there was nothing more they could do. Great help, we waited a year for that answer. I really am going to complain.
  3. Hi All I found the FOS a complete waste of time. I done a cliam for my son against Lloyds TSB and found the same thing, they wanted my son to sign as having agreed to the sum offered without actually being informed of the offer. I even amened their form and they would not accept it. I really do not know of anywhere else except the FOS where you sign an agreement without knowing the figures. The FOS took 12 months to reach this point, what a complete waste of time, some intermediary. I have now issued a court summons on behalf of my son against Lloyds TSB.
  4. Hi All Has anyone thought about taking Crap One to Court rather than the FOS route as they take forever. It seems Crap One is refusing to pay out on the PPI on the excuse of an non-advised sale.
  5. I think what your friend is proposing is a little risky but I certainly would not go down the route of bankruptcy because it has serious implications on your financial life for ever. Your friend could consider going down the route of stating to the cc companies that he does not have enough disposable income (eg money left over after paying necessary expenses) to make the payments in full. Offer them say £2.00 per month and then after about 6 months make an offer to pay off in full and final settlement by making an offer of say 30% of the actual amount owed. Eg if they owed on a cc £4000 ma
  6. When you ask for the arrears to be added to the mortgage the lender will sometimes do this but they look at how much the arrears are and if payments are usually paid on time but if they do add the arrears to the mortgage it will increase your payments a bit. It is unlikely they will reduce your current payments unless you have a mortgage which allows payment holidays. You can check that on your KFI (key facts illustration) or your mortgage offer paperwork.
  7. Hi Your KFI (key facts illustration) and your mortgage offer documentation should have shown the same amount paid to your intermediary, I really do not know why they are different amounts. However please don't worry about this because it has not come out of your mortgage or your money at all. That amount is paid to the intermediary by the lender for the intermediary giving the lender your business. You can imagine how much money in interest alone the mortgage lenders get out of us. It does not affect what you pay or anything like that. Hope that helps.
  8. Hi totally agree with Ell-enn, keep a copy of everything, every letter you send, recorded delivery proof. Try to do it all by correspondence but if you do speak to someone on the phone take their name and write down the date and time you spoke to them. One point to take into consideration is if you want to consolidate your arrears and the lender will not always allow you this option but if they do it means you will pay interest on those arrears over the rest of the term of the mortgage. At this time you might feel okay about that but it certainly is something to take into consideration. I
  9. Hi On your key facts illustration it should tell you how much would be paid to your intermediary, the exact amount, if then pays money to someone else out of that amount he is entitled to do that.
  10. Hi Capstone always includes charges in the arrears. Good luck with court the judges at the moment seem to be on our side. When dealing with capstone send everything via recorded delivery because their favourite trick is not replying to correspondence.
  11. Hi Remember if the agreement is unenforceable you would not have to pay the money back, the fact that you owe the money is of no consequence. Hope this helps.
  12. Sorry forgot to say that if you opt for the interest only option they will probably charge about £50.00 to swap you over, this will reduce your monthly payments.
  13. Hi You have not stated if you are on a capital repayment mortgage or an interest only mortgage. If you are on a capital repayment mortgage you could ask to be transferred to an interest only option but this step should not be taken lightly and to be honest I would do it only as a last resort. If you transfer to an interest only option it means you will be paying off the interest only part of the mortgage and at the end of the term you will still owe the capital,(the original amount). I would firstly ring C&G and tell them to get their a---s into gear because you sent them the income
  14. Hi Would not do anything hasty here. As above stated first obtain the Subject Data Access Reports from both the original lender and the company who now has rights to the loan. I know the law is quite often an ass but I find it hard to believe that a loan could rise to that amount and be legal. To request the Subject Access Report letter template go to the library and copy the letter. Send all correspondence by recorded delivery. They have 40 days to send you the SAR information. What is the name of the two company sharks involved.
  15. Capstone has the lowest amount of customers in the mortgage market and the highest repossession rate. I would like to know why the Government or the FSA are not stepping in and stopping these idiots from excessive overcharging, downright rudeness. They are so unhelpful the sole intention seems to be to repossess as many properties as possible even though nothing much is selling at the moment and charging as much as they can. It is unbelievable that something cannot be done to stop Crapstone in their tracks. That is not a mispell I meant Crapstone.
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