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  1. All the posters are right I was helping a lady who got a PPC ticket she was at her wits end, it eventually went to Rossendales DCA I phoned them and informed them that no money would be coming their way and to sell the debt on or send it back to UKPC as I know the law regarding private parking invoices I invited them to take the lady to court knowing full well they would not, eventuall they gave up and sent the lady a letter stating they will not be pursuing the parking fine which eventually rose to more than £250 no correspondence has been received since September last year, so the case is now closed, she offered me 50 quid I told her to pay £9.99 to Neil Herrons fighting fund regarding parking tickets she was more than happy to pay it. look up parking appeals and register its worth every penny. or PM me and I will give you the URL of the website, I cannot put it on here as his website advertises, pity really cos Neil needs all the help he can. to sum up, do not worry about your minor predicament, ignore it and eventually it will go away. Barry
  2. A NIP should be received within 14 days of the offence, if not no further action can take place by the Police, so if you NIP arrived after 14 days inform the Police of this, they have to cancel the NIP.
  3. A friend in Greater Manchestert was stopped by the Police ANPR system early last year, when he asked the Police why he had been stopped they told him he had two outstanding parking fines, the bailiff came over and told him that his car would be impounded if he did not pay the £400 outstanding, he paid the Bailiff with his debit card, when my friend told me I informed him that he should make a complaint to the Chief constable and to his MP as it was a civil action and not a criminal action for unpaid PCN's, at the time of writing this I don't think he has done either such is the apathy spoken of earlier in the thread. Incidentally watching you's blog is an expose of Greater manchester police and Bolton council who both need taking down a peg, I suspect the outgoing Manchester CC topped himself because he was frightened his force would be exposed as the corrupt force it is. take a look on Cop Watch www.watchingyou.info I check it out daily, very interesting and extremely informative, some of you will be familiar with some of the cops names mentioned in his blog
  4. Hi watchingyou have you heard from the GMP regarding your second FOIR
  5. G&M you should reserve your skits until you have seen watching you's website, his website is an excellent expose of everything we don't need from authorities and the like, it is funded entirely by himself and no one has to fork out a single penny and there are no adverts on. take a look Welcome to the Frontpage
  6. Yeah stating facts like you are is being pedantic.. Your theory does not hold water... fact! if it is a saloon car it is not classed as a goods vehicle. Before we get deeper into this can you please give me the case numbers for these appeals you have won, I will then ask the TPT for PDF copies, unless you have them already then perhaps you could send me them.
  7. G&M I knew you would come up with some illogical pedantic reply, take it from me that a saloon car is not classed as a goods vehicle, just because you can get goods in a car specifically built for the carrying of passengers does not mean it is classed a goods vehicle, all the other types previously mentioned are goods vehicles which also carry passengers and goods. get the case from NPAS and see what is said in there before you comment further.
  8. Could you get a pair of 7 step stepladders in a saloon car, answer No, unless you cut them up... in a saloon car when you lift the boot the back window stays where it is, in all the other types of car the back window is incorporated in the back door thereby allowing you easy access to the full length of the vehicle, not a good analogy but I think it gets the point over, I suppose you could say that it is possible to get a 30ft pole ladder in a cabriolet but we want logical, sensible posts, however because the lady has a 3 door hatchback it is classed as a goods vehicle and should write to the council informing them of this citing Warrington -v- Hart District Council (case No. HT 05035K) ask the TPT for a PDF copy of this file to [email protected] Try to get an electronic copy of the Traffic Regulation order for the bay you got the ticket in, don't be fobbed off with replies that ask you to come in and view it, PCN's NTO's and CC's are all time dependent documents and you could also live 300 miles from where the contravention happened, try to get the pics of the bay and the lines also on here.
  9. A van A 5 door car An estate car An hatchback, etc, but not a saloon car are classed as goods vehicles and are built for the purpose of loading goods into them, if the sign states goods vehicles then you should not have to pay the penalty charge however if the sign states Heavy goods then that is different and would be difficult to to get out of, so try to find something else wrong for e.g the TRO the signing or the lining of the bay, what type of car do you have. Can you get some pics of the signage on here any pics of upright signs and carraigeway signing also the yellow lines in the bay and the lining of the bay.
  10. For no contest costs you can claim for postage, stationery, fuel, or bus fares, time writing and checking bay etc, keep it realistic and they won't refuse. if they see that the council should not have let the appeal go onward you will get costs. send me your email address and I will send you the decision I got from NPAS regarding this.
  11. Now you should put in for costs, I put in for costs on behalf of a person when my Council no contested 4 days before the appeal, I got £40 for him.
  12. Mr Meany You couldn't resist it could you, despite what you wrote in one of your earlier posts, you took the bait and fell into the trap, [edit]
  13. Sarcastic it is not, [edit] it serves absolutely no purpose whatever to give a comment like that, [edit]..[edit] there now you have dragged me into your mindless game. You really should be reprimanded for some of the outlandish silly comments you come out with.[edit]
  14. In my format it has worked numerous times for me, including the 21st century bit to which I have discovered that quite a lot of LA's still do not have their TRO's or Consolidation Orders in electronic form. Parking Services are required to know after all it is the back office staff who deal with this first and any relevant stuff can be sent to departments who may need to know on a need to know basis and CEO's employers come under the auspices of Parking Services they should be the first to be on the email list, give them the opportunity to duck and dive and they will jum at it. You do need to give them as much info as Poss regarding the TRO so they can send the correct NTO for the correct street and restriction, informing them of the PCN number they can check where the restriction was. stand corrected road markings is better. although the point will still be got over.
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