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  1. Has anyone received a letter back from Mc Donalds as I wrote to them at the beginning of my troubles and I have not had a reply.
  2. Happy new year to all.....except you know who! I have received a letter from CEL recently (not registered post) saying that they have spent enough time on my case and that the matter is being passed on to the debt collectors. In light of recent posts is it best to just ignore it any any further letters or should i reply, if so what is the best response to this notice of impending doom! Ps. has anyone got the postal address of Mc Donalds Customer Service Dept?
  3. Good evening comrades! I have just received the second leter from CEL saying that I have been given another 7 days to pay a the reduced rate. I saed that Ionly ever received a final demand so hat is their reason for the extended period. I have a had a read through he post again but I cannot seem to find the best letter to send back to CEL (also with so much advice pouring into this forum everyday I thought that maybe there would be a revised response that would be beter to send Has anyone ever requested he "photographic proof" and sent them £10?? Does it exist? It seems that the press are all over this now, was even on Have i got news for you tonight.
  4. Don't back down. What if I were to send you an invoice for £45, would you pay that if I threatened you with debt collectors? I doubt it! I have the same worries as you Chococat but as you have read these companies survive only because their scare tactics work on a certain percentage of those that they write to. Stay firm, they have no legal rights to your money! Is it not time maybe that we as a forum got Watchdog involved?
  5. I do not expect to receive a letter from them saying that it is cancelled, I have read all the posts and I know the routine that this will probably take. All I want to do is document my case all the way through so that we can all see how everyone else gets on. I am sure that thre have been people on this forum that hve received a joyfull outcome of these sh*ts but they no longer post here to let us all know. Why would they? Iwill continue to post here at every stage right upto the point of victory. Nothing wrong with that is there???
  6. Just to keep everything in the loop, I have received my first letter from cel stating that I have had my chance to pay and that the fine is the full ammount. I am responding with the default letter as below. I'll let you all know what they say.....as if we don't know already! Dear Sirs, Re: Your letter XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your Reference No. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I acknowledge receipt of your captioned letter, also please be aware that this is the first and only letter that I have received from you regarding this matter. I am the owner of the vehicle in question. You need to take this matter up with the driver concerned. If your allegation is that I was the driver then please produce evidence of this to substantiate your claim. If your allegation is that I as the owner of the vehicle am responsible, then please cite the relevant case and/or statute law. In the meantime I absolutely deny your claim that the amount claimed or any amount at all is due to you and in the absence of the above evidence and/or citations will not be prepared to enter into any further correspondence with you. Yours faithfully
  7. ALSO I understand that this type of forum is unlikly to be visited by people when they don't have a problem , but is there anyone here or know of anyone that has actually got these theives off their back by using these "standard letters"?
  8. Has ANYONE actually received photographic proof from Gatwick? Also has anyone ver had a visit from a debt collector with relation to CEL?
  9. today a friend of mine went to Mc Donalds at Gatwick to check the situation out for me. At the entrance there was a bloke in a high vis jacket just as i thought there would be with a clipboard. My mate asked him what he was doing and he replied " I am TAKING down reg numbers and the time you enter (NO CAMERA.....JUST RELYING ON HIS WATCH!!!!). My mate asked if there were any cameras and he replied that there were cameras everywhere, but the only camera he could see (and he took a photo of it) was a regular cctv type on the top of a pole when you exit. So, it seems that they manually record your entry buy using a watch and MAYBE a camera when you exit. So it seems that their case lies with the acuracy of a bloke's ability to set his watch
  10. That will be very interesting to know. also the initial fine was not sent by registered post so we have grounds for ignoring the firdt letter anyway (the fine one) as I can always state I never received it.
  11. i really do not think that there are any cameras............just a chav and a clipboard
  12. all i have received so far is the ticke. I do not really want to risk having to pay the full amount by letting the grace time slip but I am feeling more inclined to fight the dirty F****! I did call their Payment line on the ticket so that i could have a rant but when i entered the "offence" number it just kept on saying that it was invalid. Another point is that at Mc Donaalds at Gatwick I do believe that there are MANY signs saying the time limit. I am also sure but not positive that there are no cameras there, Just a bloke in a high vis jacket standing at the enterance with a clip board. I have seen him there on several occasions and always wondered what he was upto. I live too far away to go and check but I am sure that he is just recording reg numbers in and out with times so my case could be against his crappy casio! Anyone live near to the airport that can proove this maybe?
  13. Well can you suggest the difinitive letter to write that won't see me having to pay the increased cost if I let this drag on?
  14. I have just spoken to a friend of mine who is a barrister and he has suggested a different approach. He h\as suggested that I pay the fine at the reduced rate of £75 BUT ATTACH A LETTER TO IT STATING THAT IT IS "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" , this is just to stop any bullies arriving at the door. The letter should also state that by paying this fine I am not admitting to any incident and that I will be taking then to small claims court to reclaim my money plus costs. He stated that they may well just not cash my cheque as they can't be bothered with appearing in court. Any opinions on this?
  15. Firstly hello to everyone that is in the same boat as I am! I have read all the posts that i can in relation to these muppets but I am still a bit confused as to what the best letter is to send in order to get a "ticket cancelled" reply. It seems that some have had better luck than others but as this post is now so long it is difficult to keep track. I would appreciate any help in this matter. My case is one of Mc Donalds at |Gatwick, 5 mins over my stay but I was the driver and the car is registered to my wife. As my wife does not relish the undertaking of this task and would rather just pay them I am going to be doing all the letter writing. Can anyone see a problem with me signing the letters as I want to be the one that attends court should it go that far. Thanks again
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