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  1. I think what he means is what makes a moderator a better judge of what is uncalled for than say for example me or anybody else for that matter? It has been clearly illustrated to me today that such things are not dealt with fairly or even very intelligently.
  2. Not really. A poster misread one of my posts and then let rip at me on the strength of her misunderstanding. I attempted to defend myself and clarify the misunderstanding, just got more abuse, my accuser actually advising me she knew better what I meant than I did! I complained to the moderators. The moderators removed my posts and some of hers but left the original daft accusations right where they are which would seem to imply side taking. :-?:-?:-? If only the mods had removed the ridiculous accusatory post too I would not now be systematically removing all my posts from this site prior to completely ending my participation. Frankly I've had enough. I see no point in continuing somewhere where I can be falsely accused and then completely denied the opportunity to defend myself. The mods might do well to sit up and notice how many regulars don't post here any more. And I know this sounds OTT and whiny but it was by way of a final straw. I fully expect this to be censored as well.
  3. I apologise to anyone who has been following this thread but I have felt it necessary to remove all my posts as I no longer trust the judgement or the integrity of the moderators.
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