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  1. Hi Patrick, No real updates on here tbh, as I moved this query to a another forum, Paul is helping me get the bottom of what Triton/RBS are doing and have done with my accounts, I believe he now has all the paperwork. Lumi
  2. Hi All, Paul I believe you have all the relevant docs now, let me know if anything needs clarifying, Im fine aslong as its in Basic english Lumi
  3. Okay so I dont have the original Agreement. The Loan was a consolidation loan taken out Mar 2005, the amount was £10750.00. The Court Claim was for the loan and overdraft combined. Broke down it was £13958.54 for the loan £ 389.33 for the Overdraft £ 250.00 Costs Total claimed at court: 14897.87 Judgement was for Interest upto date of judgement. As for sending you all document Paul, I have no scanner so I have to take a photo of everything then upload to Photobucket. Lumi Additionally will the CCA come with the SAR request?
  4. That requires digging out documents Paul, so I shall have a look and post up when I find em, thanks again
  5. Yes initially they went to Telford, then it was moved to Triton. I have a letter from CMS dated 03/02/09 stating interest frozen since judgment and that I owe £14807.07, it explains, Judgement was for £14897.87, less payments made of £90.80. Statement dated 2009 Loan Opening Balance: £19968.11 Outstanding Arrears : £14547.45 *then lists details of my payments of £2.00 x 6 = £12.00 *the lists interest debits. as follows: 29/06/2009 - £372.27 29/09/2009 - £383.36 Loan Balance (Closing Balance as at 16/11/2009) £20711.74 Amount req to satisy arrears, as at 16/11/2009 £15984.57 So just looking at this, none of the figures add up at all, one letter I have when I complained stated no interest since judgement, but all the statements show plenty.
  6. Transfer to Triton? or when i defaulted?
  7. Thanks Paul Hopefully the SAR will shed more light on this, Is there a way to stop them doing this? Lumi
  8. Just updating thread with RBS response: I will be responding to this letter as I feel some of my original queries have not been acknowledged.
  9. Update: Letters sent today 2 recorded and 2 standard mail, so I shall wait and see.
  10. Hi Qiz, I never paid them anything at all, I was previously paying HSBC's inhouse DCA Metropolitan, and when they sold it to Rockwell (who were rude and aggresive), I stopped all payments and told them to prove it, they still havent sent me the CCA, so for the time being they cant prove anything.
  11. Thanks SP, absolutely annoyed though, you see I arranged the Internet payment to Triton and sent Credit Management Services my £2.00 P/Order, because Im concerned about defaulting, so you see according to my CCJ details I have defaulted because they didnt sign for the letter that included the Postal Order (that letter was sent to Credit management Services at Kendal Court). So I think I will resend letter and have emailed RBoS stating: This letter was sent to yourselves Recorded Delivery, after checking the tracking it is being returned to myself as 'Undeliverable'. I would be grateful to a response regarding my queries. I must also ask why you are not signing for your mail as this may cause people to default on CCJ's issued by yourself. and I attached this letter: Dear Sir/Madam Reference: Thank you for your recent letter under the letterhead of Triton Credit Services. I am slightly bemused as to the content of the letter. As you are aware the above account is subject to a County Court Judgement, in which it states, ‘Payments must be made to the person named at the address for payments giving the claimants reference number and claim number’. The address and payments details are ‘Credit Management Services’ quoting the above account numbers. I must ask myself why I have been sent a letter asking me to pay Triton Credit Services, and to use a completely different number? I would ask you to clarify for me the points below: Have you notified the court of your intention to vary the current details of the Judgement? If you have not I duly ask for you to do so and to advise myself when this has been done. Why does the Triton letter state that this is a ‘temporary agreement’? Why does the Triton letter state this is an arrangement for 6 months? Can I also draw your attention to the Office of Fair Trading guide for Debt Collection, specifically: Not ensuring that an adequate history of the debt is passed on as appropriate resulting in repetitive and/or frequent contact by different parties. Not informing the debtor when their case has been passed on to a different debt collector. I am unsure of why you have sought to complicate matters and confuse me regarding this issue. Additionally, I would like to make you aware that due to these circumstances I have felt obligated to enclose a postal order for the amount agreed as well as making payment via the internet under the supplementary request by the recent letter headed from Triton Credit Services (despite the fact that I had already sent another postal order earlier this month).
  12. Hi all just to update, checked Royal mail and they said: Your item with reference BR********* was delivered back to sender from our OAKENGATES Delivery Office before 08:57 on 11/03/09. This item was returned to the sender as we were unable to deliver the item. So they must not be signing for mail!! makes you wonder how many people will be defaulting on thier agreements because RBS couldnt sign for thier mail that day!
  13. Updating thread: Letter sent recorded delivery with request for compensation and explaination to why they have varied Judgement.
  14. Sounds to me like your well on your way Good Luck
  15. Thanks Andrew, I thought I was going mad thinking what they were doing was unfair...I'll try and catch the letters before they are printed, and I'll hang fire with reporting it to the court, although I do think RBoS have little respect for the Judgement and just see it as a matter of course.
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