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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. well I really don't know what to do They appear to be refusing to cancel the PPI, I'm on a DMP and they tell me that I have to take the loan out again, to cancel the PPI Can anyone please help me with what my rights are. I don't want the PPI but they say I have to take out a new loan, is this right? Thanks
  3. I've told the sales lady that I want their rsponse in writing for consideration, I also asked about my refund/rebate. She then went away and left me hold and came back and said she had to go talk to someone else. I said I want something in writing, I feel like it is all a con. She said I sigened the loan agreement, I pointed out that the accompanying letter led me to understand that the PPI was not included, I also pointed out that there was only 1 box to sign so I did not sign serperatly for the PPI. Where do I stand on any of this. I'm not sure what to do next. TIA B
  4. something is strange here They are trying to pull a fast one and I'm confused. They will cancel the PPP, but I'm being sold a new loan. That means I've been conned because all the money I've paid so far won't count in the new loan? Is this right???
  5. really interesting,thanks for the info, I'm in the process of trying to cancel at the moment and am having hassle. I don't know if I have been mis-sold, however I don't remember much at all.
  6. right, no reply after sending my letter 14 days ago. I'm now on the phone being passed from piller to post and not having any luck. Evidently I have been told I need to speak to sales! grrr
  7. Letter sent to Northern Rock cancelling PPP and also a request for a refund and confirmation of loan amount. I gave them 14 days to respond.
  8. gosh have I left it that long, that's what having children does to you! Got my paperwork here and spreadsheet to hand, planning on preping tonight and posting intial request in the morning. Look forard to letting you all know how it goes.
  9. I was thinking about the payments not reducing, does that mean that they will not take off the amount of the PPI? The cost of the PPI is serperate to the loan, so I'm paying interest on the loan and the PPI. So if I ask for a refund then does that efectively mean that I'm still paying the cost of the PPI IYKWIM ie loan cost PPI Cost total loan cost So if I got a refund and the policy was cancelled would that not mean I would be left with just loan and interest cost? TIA B Still light at the end of the tunnel
  10. Woohooo just been on my hands and knees wading through my box of documents! I knew I didn't throw important stuff away Found 2 interesting notes 1) The cover and benefit will end if any of the following happens Your credit agreement is 3 months in arrears It does not say that I cannot cancel, it says I'm entitled to a part refund if I cancel. So all I need to do now is write and cancel the PPI Ian, is there a copy on this forum of a template used? Or has it gone with all the other template letters now Phew feel better now as their leaflet do
  11. Thanks for your reply Ian I'm furious with NR and Pinnacle. I've never been told that the policy was something that I wasn't able to cancel, the copy of the doc I have is very difficult to read, and the small print couldn't be any smaller. NR are sticking to their postion that I have to re-schedule the loan to "cancel" the PPI. But in my current position I'm not even sure that I would be accepted. I suppose that is one approach. Surely I have the right to cancel the PPI even if it is a single Premium policy? At this moment until I get the policy document I can't really d
  12. ditched NR, and spoke direct to Pinnacle, they are sending me my polciy documents direct. They say it is a single Premium Policy, which cannot be cancelled, unless I settle the loan wih NR. No-one ever explained this to me (i think) Is there anyway to cancel this without settling the loan? Thanks Bea
  13. Been on the phone to some half wit who says the policy is some kind of "GOLD Insurance Policy" which I cannot cancel ???? not getting much joy on phone, just seen that the policy is with Pinnacle, I've never had anything from them at all re this
  14. Hi, excuse me if I ramble but I have a tweenie around the house. I took a loan out with NR and didn't check the form that got back. Basically I was pg and had a mc around the time the forms came back and was not really myself. Anyway I'm 1 year into a DMP and have been getting my financial affairs in order. I was horrified to see that I had signed the loan agreement form which included PPI The form is wrongly dated, wrong year on, is this a valid reason for getting this cancelled, is there any other way I can get the PPI agreement cancelled? The loan is into it's 3rd year.
  15. Ok, no money yet, they said 5 days, I made today the 5th from the date of the their letter........ are they waitting for me to write to the courts first?
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