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  1. Caledfwlch, thats terrible. They look the money out as Call Credit Check so I'll keep my eye out in case they pass my details on to anyone else! Still not heard from them. I am getting annoyed. They've not even aknowledged the email, setting up an autoresponse would take minutes. I have emailed moneysavingexpert and told them all about it, including the link to the forum on their site complaining about it. Hopefully they remove the link from their credit reference agency advice section.
  2. I've still not heard from them so called them again. They have now told me to send an email to their cancellations department, not on care at callcreditcheck.com but to cancellations at callcreditcheck.com. This is ridiculous. They tell me they have no external telephone lines and can only be reached via email, yet they do not even have an autoreponse to aknowledge they've received your email. Is there anyone I can complain to about this company? They seem to be giving me the run around in the hope I will give up on my money.
  3. Update: I have just called them having found a number online 0113 244 1555, they say they only deal with people via email and the email I sent this morning will be dealt with in the next 2 days. After doing some searching online I find that it looks like these guys do this all the time so stay away! I can't post the link but there is a discussion on moneysavingexpert about other people having the same thing done to them. But yet moneysavingexpert are still linking to them on their site...
  4. Anyone had dealings with these guys? I tried to get a credt report from them but they couldnt verify my details for some reason so I just left it. Yesterday they took a charge from my account for membership of £12. I am not going to pay membership fees if they can't even verify my details, I stupidly assumed that if I did not complete the process they wouldnt charge me. More fool me. Anyway, they don't have a phone number on their site so I have emailed but who knows when I will hear back from them. Any advice? Thanks Sarah
  5. Thanks for your messages, sorry it took me so long to respond. I have sent off letters to the companies, hopefully they will remove my details. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I had some pay day loans and have managed to pay them all off,:whoo:I am now debt free! I now would like them to remove all my details from their systems. This is so they don't have my data but also a way to prevent me from falling for them again and getting any more debt with them. I have tried to log into Payday UK and it seems my details are no logner recognised, but I would like to contact them formally and make sure all my details on their files are destoyed. Wage Day Advance stated that they keep my details for 6 years! Is this something they have to do by law?
  7. Thank you, I will do this and find out exactly what state the account is in. If I want to know balance and all charges I need to send a Subject Access Request don't I? And those are £10. Will see what they come back with from the CCA request and go from there I think. Thank you for your help!
  8. Sorry I was on annual leave yesterday. Yes I would be very interested. Could you please let me know what letter I should send, is this a CA request? Thanks
  9. The total remaining on the loan is about £3,000ish now. I am simply paying the monthly rate they set me which is £130. I just got a bonus and wanted to pay an extra couple of hundred (doesnt really make a dent in the total to be honest but it makes me feel better about being in debt!) Welcome dont love me though. I got into a bit of trouble with them about 18 months ago (missed some payments, made some which were smaller then usual) and had to go to the local office. They told me to sign some papers which I thought was just to put in writing my new payment schdule but it ended up being a
  10. Hi all, I am up to date on my payments with Welcome but need to speak to them to make a larger payment than usual as I got a bonus from work and just want to be rid of the loan from them as soon as possible! No phone number on their web page apart from an automated payments line. No one answering any of the numbers I have for them at the local office. Are they still trading? Whats going on? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. I set up a monthly direct debit with BG which was subsequently increased after a reading was taken. Just found out that the account is in credit for over £400. They are paying this back to me and reducing the monthly direct debit which I am happy with. Any recourse for claiming back intrest on the money they held? They never once contacted me about reducing the monthly payment. Thanks
  12. Its was First Class - I am hoping the fact it wasnt served propoerly is a good sign!
  13. No thank you - any help appreciated! I think I have the forms sorted now and can go down to the court. All this hassle could have been avoided if they had contacted me before and this could have been sorted out without involving the courts. Thats what gets me angry as I have not heard a thing from them before I received this in the post!
  14. I dont know, I thought trying to claim costs back might look bad. Like I am trying to make money from this situation or something. I understand I would be claiming for time I have spent but I guess I would feel I was cheating somehow. I will look into it though. What do people think, does it effect an outcome by claiming costs? Do Judges frown upon it?
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