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  1. Hi Fuzzgin Waiting on news at the moment , because we have written to the ombudsmen explaining the problem , we know it will take time for them to deal with it , but we are hopefull . Thank you for asking , and i will let you know what happens , but we think it will take 6 to 9 months before we hear , that will be for there decision , and an appeal if needed , regards Sandy
  2. Thank you Fuzzgin for your advise , I will contact them first thing monday morning and hopefully they will see that our claim is right , but i still think they will try to get out of paying . My daughter , who i spoke to today says to get in contact with the ombusmen , what do you think ?
  3. Hi Conniff, The policy says the boat must be out of the water when not in use , its insured when its moored or at anchor and must be secured when unattended , which she was ,but they are still not paying , they say that when we are not on it , it should be in dry dock , which for a 22ft cabin cruiser is not good ,
  4. We had a boat that was set adrift from its ponton and destroyed by fire , the insurance wont pay because they say it was not in use , when in fact we were on board the day before getting her ready for the summer ,we have been to solicitors but they were not very helpfull , Can anyone please help us i dont know what else to do , thank you for reading this ,I hope you can help regards lady1947.
  5. Thank you everyone for your replys I guess its been an expensive way to learn never to lend or help family members when it comes to money , kind regards Sandy
  6. Connif if i can do that legally , then thats great news , Thank you very much
  7. Oh Dear That is not what i was expecting , i was hoping you were going to say YES , Thank you very much for your answer though , kind regards Sandy
  8. My son and his girlfriend owe me money from a bank loan which i stupidly got for them , they have not made any attempt to pay , they are now on benifits , she has recently been evicted from her house through none payment, she asked me if would store all her contents from the house which i have done , My question is can i legally hold all of her belongings , untill i get some money from her ,her house is on the market for sale . please help me .
  9. Thank you very much for your helpfull advice David , kind regards Sandy
  10. Thank you David Im sorry if im a bit dumb , what do you mean a token payment or no payment ,
  11. Thank you for your reply , My husband took his loan out 3 years ago , and i took mine out 4 years ago
  12. Hi , Im hoping you can help me , I have two loans with lloyds tsb the amount is £14000, which i am struggling to pay , my husband has a loan of £ 7.000. We are both on pension credit so money is a bit tight , the question im asking is Can my husband transfer his loan to my account so we can combine the loans to one . I hope this makes sense to you ? Thank you Sandy
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