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  1. They have a facility they call bandit alert. Ask them to set the bandit alert to £60. It is easy for a network to impose this rule it just requires a little more than the usual click of a button on their screen. I am more than certain that they told you that they don't have the facility because the person that you spoke to doesn't know about this facility or they just couldn't be bothered. Good luck
  2. The reasons have been stated as trying to reduce overheads. I have not agreed to the deduction and I am worried now that he may try to just do it anyway. Presumably if that happens I can do something about it?
  3. Hi there, Can your employer request that you work for half salary? The terms of employment remain the same apart from half the money each month. I have been employed for over 2 years and hold a senior position.
  4. Thanks for that willow!! Exactly the same with you then. This must be costing HSBC a fortune instead of just admitting that they cannot provide and that they are in fact in the wrong.
  5. I have phoned the court and they have advised that the claim has been stayed because DG Sols didn't respond in time. Any ideas what I should do now, if anything?? Thanks
  6. Well, it is now over 30 days since I heard anything on this one and I thought that if HSBC Sols didn't reply the claim would be stayed?? Any ideas on what I should do now?? :-?
  7. Hi There and welcome to the site. I think you will find that the money is gone and cannot be recovered. You can try to write to them. However, I suspect that they will have something embedded in their terms and conditions. You may want to try calling the FSA and see if their practice is allowed!! Good luck
  8. Thanks Helios, I have put that in my defence!! Cheers
  9. When filing a defence is it the done thing to send a copy of your defence to the claimants sols??
  10. Defence is going today!! Surprise Surprise, even after a CPR Part 18 letter they have sent me NOTHING!!!!. I'll send off this defence and when anything else happens I'll keep you posted.
  11. Do you have to use the defence form on MCOL or can you just place all the relevant information into a word doc then print it and send to court? Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I just want to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  12. The response from DG Sols to my CPR 18 request reads as follows: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- HSBC Bank plc - v - yourself Northampton (CPC?CCBC) County Court We respond to your letter dated xxxxxx within which you request information under cpr 18. In respect of the information requested within your letter, we confirm we have requested the following documents from our client and will forward the same to you once we are in reciept. 1 - Copy of the credit agreement together with the terms and conditions applied to the account at the time the account was opened. 2 - True copies of any default notice sent in respect of credit card number xxxxxxxx together with statements going back 6 years. In relation to the other documentation which you have requested within your letter, we consider that those items are disproportionate to the claim as it stands. In order to establish whether or not the additional documents requested within your letter are reasonable and relevant to the proceedings, we would be grateful if you could advise what issues the requested documentation are relevant to and each head which it falls within. We look forward to recieving your response by 18 Aug 2008. In the meantime we confirm that a request for judgment has not been made. Upon reciept of the documentation from our client, we will forward the same to you and then provide a further 14 days for you to file your defence. Yours faithfully DG ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are my questions: 1 - They claim to have requested the information which I have already requested and their client has failed to provide. However, if they were preparing a court case wouldn't their precious client have given them this info first rather than sending them on a fools errand? 2 - Can they decide under a cpr part 18 request that they consider the information i request to be disproportionate? 3 - Should I respond to them? If so any ideas what I should send them? Thanks all
  13. No don't chase them just wait and see what they do!!
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