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  1. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I dont have all the statements anymore so I guess I will have to write to them to provide me with all of them ?
  2. Hi, I have arrears with SPPL (now Ascenden). These arrears are £515.00. My due date for payment is the 20th of the month, however there have been times when I have paid about a week later and I have been charged late payment fees. On top of this they have told me that as I dont have an arrangement in place to pay the extra £70pm I am being charged an arrears management fee. In order to stop these fees I am to give them details of my incoming and outgoings, which I dont think is any of their business, to make an arrangement to pay the additional £7
  3. if i get a call from them tomorrow, which i have no doubt that i will, i'm going to put them on hold and they can listen to our horrible music - that will hopefully **** them off
  4. oh right - im just worried about the calls i will get at work, they have to go through a customer service dept before being put through. I dont want them constantly phoning me at work - do I call them or just ignore for the time being?
  5. Have I missed something - what's happening on the 28th Feb ?
  6. A week or so ago i received a letter from HFO and attached to that was a copy of my credit file. I received another letter from them stating that they would apply to the court for either a ccj or a charging order. I have not responded to any of these letters. Today I received a call from them at my place of work (not sure how they got the number as I most certainly wouldnt have supplied them with it). The woman on the other end of the phone said that I hadnt responded to her letters and needed to discuss this. I told her that i didnt appreciate a call at work and not to call me there agai
  7. yes coledog this is the same debt they tried to chase 3 years ago. Unfortunately I am unable to find all my previous correspondence received from them so a bit stuck
  8. They are using their HFO Services address in West Byfleet. Shall I just ignore it then?
  9. snap just received the same thing but for a different account!!! and I havent heard from them for 3 years!!
  10. Sorry I am unable to do that my laptop is not attached to a scanner or printer!
  11. Hi, I originally posted a thread in December 2007 relating to HFO Services. After a lot of advice I did what was recommended. After January 08 I did not hear anything from them ever again. Lo and behold today I received a Notice of Assignment of Debt from them stating that my account has been sold by Barclaycard to HFO Capital. The strange thing is that was what they said in December 2007. Three years on they have reared their ugly heads again stating "I request you to contact me as soon as possible so that we may work towards reaching an amicable solution on this outstanding issue of yo
  12. I just wanted to share this with you all as you have been very helpful. I sent an email to my Council stating that I would continue to pay them direct each month and would not be dealing with the Bailiffs. I have today received a reply from the Council and they confirm that I can pay them direct the agreed amount. They also state that the Bailiffs will be confirming to me in writing that they agree to this arrangement. At least now the Bailiffs are off my back. However, they also stated that the Bailiffs will be sending me an invoice for their charges. After reading about wh
  13. I know that the bailiff will either be round again soon or will telephone as he has my husbands mobile number, should I ask him for a list of what he is trying to charge us? Any suggestions of a letter I can perhaps send to the Council requesting they take back the debt, they are, after all, accepting my money. I am due to make a payment tomorrow, do I carry on with the Council or pass to Bailiff without allowing him into the property?
  14. Today my husband had a visit from the Bailiff who said to him that we should not be paying the Council direct it should be to them. He handed my husband a Removal of Goods notice which states the Council has instructed them to collect the above debt and has been instructed to arrange for the removal and sale of out goods. Despite previous requests the debt remains outstanding and to stop removal to contact the Bailiff immediately and make payment in full. My husband said to him that we couldnt pay in full and the Bailiff said he is happy for us to continue with £200 per month but direct
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