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  1. Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice after a bit of a run in with Thomas Cook. I am a single mum with 5 children eldest of whom has Autism, so we received a charitable donation towards a holiday and proceeded to book with Thomas Cook. They offered us the low deposit and remainder to be paid within 8 weeks, 8 weeks came and an unexpected bill came out of my account, taking money from the holiday balance, so I called and explained, they extended for another 13 days. The time came to pay and i called with my card and it was declined, we tried again for a lower amount, de
  2. Thanks, will do! I have worked in this industry in the past and if a tenant was allowed to apply where there was a bit of a grey area, we would clear it up before taking any money and if the Landlord back heeled them afterwards because of this issue, they would've got their money back. I just don't understand the logic (well I do, it's about money) but I don't understand why they'd set tenants up to fail. Another reason for my concern is that they have another person viewing this property and if they just take my money then promote the landlord taking the other person that's over £40
  3. Can a letting agent take an application fee and fail me when I have been upfront about potential issue with poor credit? Well..... I know they can, but is it lawful? Just about to make a deposit and been up front about poor credit but everything else is in order i.e good references etc, just concerned that they're going to take my money and run. I've asked if they could contact the landlord regarding this and ensure i'm not wasting my time and money, they just said I would have to go through the application process. Help!!! thanks
  4. Hi, Just looked at my credit file and i have 5 deafults all not received over the last 4-5 years. How fo i go about having them removed? ps 2 of them are mobile phone defaults, i gather these are different? Thanks Missal
  5. I'm not sure that's possible, but if it is great! Their stand at the moment is pay us and we'll provide a letter stating that i've paid and that it was registered in error due to me not living at the property, but i think i would just end up with a satisfied ccj and a judge thinking what the heck is she here for if it's paid!!??! Is there another route for having ccj's removed after payment in full? or is there another court procedure that would be more appropriate? Thanks Missal
  6. Is it worth a try do you think, i've had conflicting advice tbh. both from forums and courts, I would be saying that i was not offered the opportunity to pay in thirty days and have removed. Thanks Missal
  7. Have had a CCj on my file for a while which i pay towards but have recently found out that if i did not receieve the docs initially then i could have grounds to have it set aside. This is the case. I have been in touch with the person who i owe the debt to and advised them that if it was set aside then i would pay the amount in the 30 days so that the ccj is removed. They seemed quite interested and went away saying we'll see if we can sort something out rather than having to go to court. Also advised them that the court said if they provide a letter admitting to their error then it could
  8. Hi I am just starting the process of sending cca letters and wondered if there's anywhere on here that details the process on here? I'm sorry if there is but i don't seem to be able to find it. I.e i'll send the letters then what happens if they don't reply etc. I want to do this properly and defo don't want them to think i'm just chancing it. I also have 2 CCJ's which i am hoping to have set aside so a link on wher to find the info on that process would be fabulous. Thanks Missal
  9. Just bumping this up again as would really like some advice. wen i call the council they talk like what they say is gospel, but i don't know whethr or not what they are saying to me is right. I don't know whether this is an issue either: They divulged information to someone that they shouldn't and when i complained they knocked some money off the account. Thanks Missal
  10. Yes I have made payments but purely because i thought if i dont pay a ccj then i'd be digging a hole for myself, i'm just about to put it into a Dmp aswell. So your advice would be to ask for the terms of enrollment using SAR is there anything else i should do? I am going to try and ave the ccj set aside in the mean time aswell. Thanks Amanda
  11. Signed! A ridiculous amount of time to judge on your ability to deal with credit, I have had four children in 6 year hows that for, how different your life can be in 6 years!!
  12. They charges me for the college course as i did not finish the year, but the reason i want to dispute it is that i had to show proof on benefits before being allowed on the course,so wheres the sense in sending me a bill. also not receiving the documents, is it really as simple as showing that you lived elsewhere at the time of the ccj? I realise that there will be some hard work involved once i get them to set aside the ccj,but am not sure exactly what i'll have to do. If they set it aside,but then decide after my evidence (or whatever i have to do) that he ccj will remain on m file
  13. Hi, the debt was intially from middlesbrough college, who passed it onto a company who's name escapes me at the moment i disputed it with them, but as the ccj arrived on my credit file i thought best to pay, not knowing any better you see, until i saw these threads on here. I was notliving at the address at the time as i rented the property out Thanks Amanda
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could offer me some advice? I obtained a debt from the local borough councils nursery back in 2007, i though i received a ccj, but when i paid the amount requested and asked for proof to have it satisfied they advised me that they had only issued a part warrant? My intial letter requested £350 immediately to put the account into the clear, i paid this and asked for prrof so i could satisfy the ccj on my credit file, they said the amount in full would have to be paid for them to issue me with such a letter. When filing for the ccj they filed for
  15. Hi, I hope i am writing in the correct place, if not then many apologies. In 2006 I started a college course and was (and still am) on benefits,prior to commencing the course they asked to see proof of my benefots to enrol me as a free student. They got their proof and i was enrolled. I didn't complete the course and later recieved a bill for £250 (which i could not afford to pay, I was being chsed by a debt collection agency who i advised of this. They said the would look into it, the naive me believed them. To cut a long story short they have regesitered a ccj against me
  16. Hi, I have posted about my deposit not being protected and have wrote a letter to them requesting my deposit back and also disputing the tenancy end date. Problem - they have now put my bond in the DPS two weeks before my date to move out. I'm not looking to screw them over or anything, but i have four children and am a single parent i don't have the kind of money laying around in a bank account required to move into a new rental property. When the agent called yesterday to let me know he had received my letter and that i could move out as requested and not two months notice required
  17. thanks for your advice the LA rang me today confirming that i will be moving out at the end of the tenancy and they have agreed. Also a bit annoyed about this but they have now deposited my bond with DPS which means that i'm going to have to wait until after my tenancy end to get it back rather than getting it back on the day!!! can they deposit it even though they know i'm moving out in two weeks and after i asked for it back, i understand the reasoning behind it but at odds as to whether they have done this for spite or not i'm in a bit of financial pickle now am going to have to find near
  18. Hi, thanks for the reply, have sent the letter already as needed to get it to them by monday and didn't have the reply in time, so hopefully they'll get it tomorrow, should they reply to me as i've requested? And as they cannot reduce the bond because they did not deposit, should this not mean that they should give me it back? I'm taking a new rental property (from another company) this week, so there will be a two week overlap with the one i'm in at the minute but i really need the bond, i am aware that this is not the other LA's problem but as i have asked what do i do if they ref
  19. Hi i just hoped some of you kind people would give me some advice on a letter i am going to send to my LA tomorrow, ive pasted it below: To Mr D..B I am writing to advise that after taking advice, I am now aware that my contract as it stands overrides my statutory right to leave at the end of the tenancy without notice. Clauses such as this are considered unlawful and therefore null and void, as contractual obligations cannot override statutory rights. Therefore, I am leaving at the end of the tenancy, as per my right to do so. I expect the return of the deposit IN FULL with
  20. I have contacted the landlord direct about this and they didnt have a clue about the deposit situation, nor did they know what to say about the contract, they said they will speak to the agent and see what they say - whatever that means (well i know what it means, it means that they will feed tha landlord a load of rubbish - that they are right etc and the landlord who might i add i see at school everyday as our children are in the same classes, will think that i am being dodgy). WHere can i direct the agent and the landlord for the correct advice? without causing any upset to anyone. the
  21. I will definately be following your advice with regard to the end of the tenancy but am going to have my solicitor write a letter to the lettings agent to confirm this. My only concern now is that i have been in touch with the government department who deal with the housing act and they are asking me whats in my contract and that i should follow this?? she seemed a little bit like she wasn't too sure and just kept going on about it i 'should' give notice. Completely ignoring the fact that i have been in touch with the lettings agent (since before the months notice needed to be in) about
  22. Thank you so much you have confirmed what my new much more experienced agent has told me. Only thing is they seem to have put a clause in the contract that states have to give notice (one month) even at the end of my ast as I am contracted to go straight into periodic tenancy unless i give that months notice??? Have they just used the housing act and made up their own rules around it? Can you suggest anything i could say to them to let them know they are wrong? at the moment they are holding me to their contract as that's what it says Thanks again amanda
  23. Hi, I desperately need some advice. 14th april this year i took out a 6 month ast with the intention of long term tenancy, anyway to cut a long story short i asked the LL for a reduction in rent due to similar properties going for less and bigger ones about the same, he said no, fair enough. I decided i would find somewhere else. Agent must've been on the phone to the LL straight away as my notice turned up on my door two days later (two months) I've found somewhere else £200 per month cheaper which will help massively as i have four children. I rang the agent to let them know i
  24. Thanks slick, Does that mean that i can't request it to be transferred to my local court? Amanda
  25. Hi All, received a letter this morning from mcol they have stayed my claim!! Should i now ask that it is transferred to my local court? Thanks Amanda
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