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  1. I originally had a normal telephone landline account with Direct Save Telecom. I then took out an additional service for broadband and they assured me that their was no setup fee and no charge for the wireless modem then I got charged for both so that is why it was put in dispute and I moved my landline elsewhere. Fast forward a couple of months I started getting emails from Marshall Hoares saying that they had a debt assignment of this debt and all NDR send emails as well regarding the same debt quoting that their cllient is Direct Save Telecom. Whenever they email me from MH is the email address which is a non reply one is : Marshall Hoare - Anti-Fraud [email protected] via toothfairyfinance.com so that is where toothfairy seem to have come in, I presume they bought my disputed debt.
  2. Actually it does show on my CRA under toothfairy finance even though it was simply a rolling monthly telephone landline agreement prior to this
  3. yes the debt is partly mine. I only agree with half of 141 that they are claiming i owe. I have been in dispute with the original people for nearly a year. I keep getting alternating emails from NDR and MH which you can never reply to. Yet I have only received notice of the debt assignment to MH and never any reason as to why NDR except from what I have gathered looking at other threads here where they seem to work in tandem.
  4. it with regard to this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?325416-Northern-debt-recovery-email-threat&p=3603405#post3603405 I just want to deal with one DCA and not both of them emailing me simultaneously every day.
  5. Hi can anyone advise me if having a debt with a telephone line provider falls under the consumer credit act as well? Problem is I have a debt with one and I am being chase simulatanously by two DCAs for the same debt and want to use one of the template letters saying that it is against OFT guidelines. Any advice much appreciated
  6. Yes i agree it did seem misleading to me but trading standards sent the email to oft back in may and they said they were not concerned by it.
  7. great thanks ba85, will look into it more during the week. Have just sent a reply asking them whilst NDR is writing to me when supposedly MH notified me in May that it had been assigned to them. Not sure if it will get through them as you said emails bouncing back but it made me feel better to question them a bit anyhows
  8. what was the requirements put on CIM/NDR? not to harass people ? In my case there additional charges have amounted to about £50 rather than the hundred I have seen in your case and a few others looking at the some similar threads. My problem is more the accusation of fraud which I do not appreciate as I am sure you didnt as well.
  9. That is interesting ba85, did you complain to anyone in particular at OFT? Did you end up receiving lots of the accusing of fraud ones? I have received numerous of their more normal ones, usually once a day between April 2011 and June 2011 then suddenly this fraud one today. Will definitely be complaining to the police if I keep getting the fraud accusation one. That is just a step to far.
  10. Yeah i noticed that NDR are part of toothfairy earlier on which is strange as this debt was nothing to do with a payloan, do NDR and Marshall get involved with other debts like telephone company ones. I already reported Marshall Hoares to trading standard who then spoke to OFT back in June for quote a dormant company name in their emails. They said that it is actually legal to have an active consumer credit licence even if you are registered as dormant at companies house. Which seems odd to me. But supposedly Marshall Hoares has restrictions already placed on its licence. I find each time I have ever talked to OFT about dca over the years I have got nowhere.
  11. I have just called the non emergency Police line and she said I could make an appointment but it might be best to wait to see if they send another as further evidence.
  12. I have been rceiving on and off emails from both northern debt recovery and marshall hoares baliffs about the same debt on and off since about April. They are basically the same email over and over saying that if i dont contact them before a date in April 2011 (even in an email sent months after that) they will take me to court for an unpaid telecomms debt. It is for £140 including their DCA charges they listed. Normally I have just ignored the email as they have never bothered to write to me formally at my address. The email is always from the same person some Greg Campbell - NDR Tonight I have received an email accusing me of providing the original creditor with fradulent information in order to be granted that credit in the first place. He said if I dont contact him by tomorrow to pay this money he will send my file to the police. I know that I have never committed fraud in my life but this has really bugged me. Is this a usual DCA scare tactic? Here is some of the email copied and pasted. We have reason to believe that you have supplied our client -.................... - with potentially FRAUDULENT information inorder to obtain credit. THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER which must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY to avoid further action. Call 0843 381 0843 IMMEDIATELY failure to do so may lead to this matter being passed to the Police According to records you applied for and took credit with ...... on ........This debt now totals GBP ..... If we do not hear from you by end of tomorrow we will be passing this file to the Anti Fraud Department who will then perform further traces. If this proves to be an attempt to defraud then you will be charged for the extra investigation and the file handed to the Police to pursue as a criminal matter. We would much rather avoid involving further third parties as it will become much more serious and expensive for you, and time consuming for us. CALL NOW TO AVOID FURTHER ACTION Surely if they was really investigating me for such a crime they would not tell the person before going to the Police. Should I complain to the Police myself or is there no point. I know this company has no proof as I have not given false info.
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