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  1. Thanks yourbank - I will go back to Lloyds regardless and see if I can get anywhere - no harm in trying. I'll post their response.
  2. Hi yourbank - thanks for the response - Lloyds have had a number of I&E's provided to them by CCCS but not in relation to this particular claim for charges. They have received I&E for Overdraft (Joint and Sole accounts), Lloyds Mastercard and a Lloyds personal loan - all of which have been accepted (I presume) as these creditors have all accepted my payment proposals. The only notice of arrears that I have had is for the Lloyds Personal Loan - all over creditors are being paid under the DMP and I am able to cover my mortgage and utilities each month. Does the lack of arrears notifications weaken my claim? Many thanks.
  3. Thanks PGH7447 and Landy_alert for your replies - much appreciated. I will write again to Lloyds to see if they will respond on the specifics of my hardship claim which they seem to have dismissed with a standard "outstanding OFT court case" Does anyone have a template that they have used successfully to get this? I thought that a Final Response has to state that it is their final response or does it merely need to intimate that it is a final response? Thanks
  4. Hi there, Any advice on the following would be most appreciated. I am currently pursuing a claim for bank charges from Lloyds under the Hardship consideration terms. The initial response from Lloyds was a straight no because of the ongoing legal proceedings with the OFT. I then reiterated that I was seeking consideration on the basis of hardship (evidenced by a Debt Management Plan with the CCCS - under which Lloyds is one of the main creditors for a loan). In my last letter to them I asked them to reconsider - this time without interest and with £700 of my £1900 claim being used to settle a Lloyds overdraft. In their response they have not mentioned Hardship or my suggestion of settlement, they have however stated the following, having summarised the ongoing court case: "...we will not be issuing any Financial Ombudsman Service rights or final response as you requested as your charges complaint is on hold pending the results of the test case." Can they do this are are they obliged to issue a final response? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks for that - I will speak to the Finance Director on Monday to see what the situation is and when/if it can be rectified as you suggest. Will also contact the Halifax to keep them advised.
  6. Hi All, I am currently pursuing a complaint with LTSB for what I believe to be inappropriate advice. The complaint is now sitting with the Financial Ombudsman awaiting their response as I hot nowhere with LTSB. Any advice whilst I wait would be appreciated. Here is an outline of the situation: I visited the Wokingham branch of Lloyds for an appointment with one of their account managers. He advised that based upon his calculation a loan amount of £27917.22 was not only achievable but also and more importantly affordable. However, it has become apparent (despite no change of income or outgoings) that the outgoings from the account exceed the income into the account causing the account to once again become overdrawn. As a result of this I have no incurred further debt. As a result I made an appointment with the Lloyds branch local to my work in Fulham, London. I met with a Premier Account Manager there and during the course of our meeting she advised that she was surprised that the loan had been granted as it would appear from the information available that it was not affordable. She contacted my branch by telephone to request that a copy of the Affordability Assessment Form that would have been completed be made available to me. She also advised that according to the online notes regarding the loan indicated an AAF score of 779. I understand that this means that theoretically I should be able to afford loan repayments of £779. However realistically my AAF was around the 100 mark! The response from the bank was that the account manager had since left the branch and they could therfore not comment on the AAF score. As far as they were concerned the loan was affordable. They use a "standard" figure of £1000 for a family of 5 for general expenses - although mine amount to £1650. If I am successful with my complaint of inappropriate advice what sort of outcome can I expect? I hope that is enough information? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me with a sticky situation I have found myself in. As a result of a CCCS debt management plan and on ongoing Financial Ombudsman complaint for what I believe to be inappropriate loan advice - I have changed my current account from Lloyds to Halifax as instructed by the CCCS. All of my direct debits have been transferred and my employer provided with the new bank details. This leaves the Lloyds account which is overdrawn as one of my creditors. My September salary was paid into the new Halifax account by my employer no problem - however they have decided to pay my October salary into Lloyds, where it has been swallowed by the overdraft. This leaves me with no funds at all to cover my outgoings this month. Employer has said they will try to claim money back as paid in error but no promises. Do I have any rights in such a situation? Any advice greatly received. Thanks.
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