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  1. many thanks.... ... i think the thing that has really irked me in this instance has been the store managers attitude.... i don't know whether its PCW policy to fob people off in the hope that they will go away, or just that particular individual?
  2. so after reading 5 pages of infighting and bitching, did we decide who the contract is with.....my local pc world store or their head office??? i just wrote to the manager of the local store as i like to give ownership to an individual...head offices, at the end of a phone (invariably 0870) have a habit of passing the buck and never getting back to you... that said, does anybody know who the head of customer services is at PCW? (when i hand delivered the letter to my local PCW the manager refused to sign to say he'd received it)
  3. i'm happy to do that, however, i won't be treated like a mug by an arrogant manager who refuses to enter into dialogue with me... ...i've spent well over £3000 in the last 12 months (as a business and personal customer, the tv is personal)... ....the store manager has recently changed, i got on very well with old manager, we knew each other by name i was in there so often spending.... this new guy has really got my goat with his attitude...the TV was 7 days out of 12 month warranty...ironically, the fault occurred 3 weeks ago but we waited for sky to come out and check the
  4. i have seen at least 5 other forums with exactly this problem. it is a known problem with this model that is resolved with a firmware update from a samsung engineer, the point is that PCW local store just keep fobbing me off hiding behind the 12 month out of warranty chesnut
  5. i don't have engineers report yet...i have requested PCW to repair it....i am in no doubt its faulty...if PCW refuse to repair it i will get local samsung engineer to look at it and generate report
  6. Hi, i'm having the exact same problem with a Plasma TV that i purchased from PC World, also part of the DSG group. It is a Samsung TV, 13 months old, that keeps getting a blue shadow on the screen. I have, from searching other forums, discovered that this is a common problem with this particular model. I've now been to the store twice to discuss it with the manager, both times he fobbed me off. Yesterday i hand delivered him a letter requesting (using SOGA statute) that they repair it. He refused to read the letter (said he was going to pass it to customer services) and whe
  7. (Vagabond check your PMs) I received exactly the same letter yesterday after no correpsondence with AK since Aug 2006 when i also quoted the limitation act. I'm all for going all out for these muppets, Watchdog, OFT, legal action etc if anybody else is up for it PM me... G_B
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