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  1. `thanks Goldlady, if I can find the debts forum I'll post it there!!
  2. Hello to everyone out there, I have spent the whole weekend reading miles of advice and am still confused even there have been similarities mentioned to my situation. I have just received an SD from Connaught Collections regarding a £5,800 debt with HFC. A number of years ago I took out over the phone a £6,000 loan with HFC and for about 4 years paid £105 per month. Having got into difficulties I stopped making repayments and received a demand for £5800 and a separate one for £2311.47. I wrote to Cap Quest Debt Recovery requesting more information as by my reckoning a good part of the debt had been paid off. We corresponded for about a year and they kept saying they were looking into it. I always aknowledged that there was some indebtedness and at one point offered them £25 a month while it was sorted out. On 3rd October I received a letter from 1st Direct to say that they had bought the debt for £5800, because of the postal strike I received this on 15th October and replied immediately seeking further clarification and offering to pay £25 per month while it was sorted out. On 25th October I received SD from Connaught and rang them (oops I hadn't found the site at this time). They said there was no time for querying amounts and unless I paid in full or paid £500 per month and phoned them on wednesday with my decision it would go straight to bankruptcy proceedings. On Saturday morning I sent a CCA letter to both Connaught and 1st Direct (+£1 postal order). I am about to go into hospital tomorrow and just can't help worrying about what will happen. Help, what do I do next?
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