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  1. Hi Everyone, Confession time, I am the fool in the BBC Clip and whilst I agree with a number of points made about changes in the law have reached one conclusion. I obeyed the law and foolishly and naively expected others to do the same, they wont, whatever the law it will be abused. The attack on me resulted in my being threatened with arrest ? The police even made me pay an extra £200 for a van in attendance that was not there, the only car was the bailiffs Lexus. Kind regards Simon Cousins
  2. Hi everyone, Can someone advise, I am seriously disabled with no income and have just been violently assaulted by one of Rossendales thugs. I had a horror story with them and my council last year so wasnt prepared to grant them peaceful entry this year, so they had no right to forced entry and the matter would be referred back to court. Last week I opened the door, placing my foot over the threshold as I had been advised and stated as loudly as I could " It is not my intention to allow you peaceful entry so please go away and stop scaring my children ". I am still in a state of sho
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