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  1. I know i haven't posted in this thread, but i've been reading with interest. Well Done, it gives us hope!
  2. Thanks Spotted Dog, but i though as i'm [fairly] close to the end of mine (hopefully), i wouldn't bother. Thanks for the advice though.
  3. Is everyone sending their documents to the bank via this address: Litigation and Disputes, Level 29, One Churchill Place, London ? With the Ref. no. as well?
  4. So i'm still good then? Phew, for a moment there, my heart sank. Thanks a lot guys.
  5. The 28 days were up, so i filed for Judgement By Default. Then the next day i got that reply. Is it ok?
  6. I may be over-reacting, but i need help. I went on Money Claim this morning, and found this: Judgement: Rejected. "Your judgment request has not been accepted. You are unable to take any further action online on this claim." Claim: Defence. "You are unable to take any further action online on this claim. The Defendant disputes the whole amount you have claimed. Your claim cannot proceed online and will be transferred to the appropriate court for continuation. You will receive confirmation to where the claim has been transferred to shortly." Is a normal part of the process? Has it happened to everyone else? It's just that i haven't heard anyone else mentioning it, and i'm worried i may have mucked it up! Any help will be Greatly appreciated! Mat.
  7. It's too late to start my own thread. But i'd though i'd say that my claim was acknowledged yesterday, and they've got until August 10th to reply. Good luck Ombler! It is not to late to start your own thread as when you win it gives everyone encouragement , so please start a thread , thanks
  8. Excel Spreadsheet? I was aware of the interest calculator. but not of this one. What's the link? EDIT: Got it. But people are saying not to include the interest before you start the Moneyclaim. Are you keeping it on your letter?
  9. I've got another question. What does your 'Attached Schedule' look like? I've just literally highlighted the charges on the statements they sent. Are you sending all those back? EDIT: Don't worry. It's sorted now. I'm just a little confused about the interest thing. People are saying that you shouldn't ask Barclays for it until you come to claim on Money Claim.... Any idea?
  10. No, that makes much more sense now. I'll send the same letter if you don't mind.
  11. Mine is being dealt with Rose Frimet. I just think the letter is a bit confusing (to me anyway) about what is being claimed and what isn't. Where is says seems like you've taken the interim payment off it, and it's the remaining balance. Shouldn't that be; ? I'm not sure if i'm making sense. Either way, i'm gonna send a letter similar (read: The same) as yours anyway.
  12. I've got a question, will the claim you're making be the £1411.19 minus the offer of £550? So you're claming £861.19? I'm sending a letter similar to yours, and i want to make sure they know that i'm either claiming the offer they've made, and going for the rest. Or leaving the offer and going for the lot. What do you reckon?
  13. I can't believe you guys got an offer before you had sent the LBA! I had to threaten them to get my offer. But yeah, send the interim with the LBA and you should fine. Ombler: I read your thread, looks like you're fine, although you possibly did the early stages in a different order. Once this refusal and interim are sent, you should be 'back to normal' though. And hey, it won't matter what order you did it in if it all comes together at the end! Tbh though. I'm a bit nervous about this court stuff. Part of me wants to just take the offer because that's guaranteed. But i'll fight on and hope it works out fine! EDIT: Decline the offer with the example given above. I'm sending my refusal off today. Race ya!
  14. I'm gonna stick to my own timetable. Except that Barclays finally offered me the offer on the 13th day. By that i mean that on the 14th day, i was gonna start court proceedings. So do i give them another week as they've responded? EDIT: Just seen your reply. I'll give them a week.
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