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  1. Yes you are right the thread title is wrong, I was on holiday at the time and my family were informed that the car had been sold. Apologies for any confusion. It has today been agreed to refund the storage costs. The fees outstanding are the fees taken by the council (I had a visitors permit), court fees, out of pocket expenses and interest????
  2. All warrants have now been revoked. I have received a further refund of £500. The storage fees are a bit of a problem as neither the bailiffs nor the council want to take responsiblity.
  3. Sorry for the confusion again lol It is holiday pay that should have been paid on average earnings. I am past the ET deadline but as other employees with the same job description under the same contract were paid average earnings and I received basic salary only, I believe I was discriminated against (maybe because I left).
  4. Should county court action be necessary, do I quote the Employment Act or the Equality Act??? And are there any circumstances that can justify one person being singled out for non payment whilst everyone else under the same contract receives bonuses???
  5. I've edited again lol Yeah I was thinking about Small Claims myself, the contract confirms it is 'usually' average earnings. Colleagues have confirmed they were paid on this basis in the same month that I was paid basic only.
  6. I was employed on the basis of basic plus bonus (the bonus was the majority of my wage). I ended my employment with holiday pay outstanding. The company have since confirmed in writing that 1) Holiday pay I received is for basic salary only. 2) Holiday pay is based on average earnings (basic plus bonus). 3) Other employees have confirmed in writing they were paid on basic plus bonus for holidays taken the same month. 4) My ex employers will not offer any explanation for the shortfall. I cannot go to the Employment Tribunal as it is out of time but any advice is appreciat
  7. It was not dropped at the initial hearing or the first relisting. That is correct. Yes, the fine was reduced by £550 on the second relisting leaving the £250 to be paid, this was paid the next day. Bailiff costs for removing car, storage etc of approx £700.
  8. What I'm looking for is to have the warrant revoked and bailiff charges returned as the warrant was for both charges and only payment of £800 in full would be accepted. The charge of no insurance was not withdrawn on the first relisting due to a) no proof of employment (the Police notes on the HORT2 confirmed otherwise, and, b) I made no contact with the court (my phone records confirm otherwise). Additionally the prosecution (CPS) confirmed they were happy to have the case withdrawn. The charge of no insurance was withdrawn on the second relisting (identical evidence as the fir
  9. Letters from the court stated only payment in full of £800 would be accepted, I contacted the court several times within the 28 days to resolve and have records to confirm. Things esculated due to it being claimed that I made no contact with the court. The disputed offence was later withdrawn (no new evidence) and payment of £950 (including bailiff fees) was paid.
  10. That depends when the 28 days would start. Since the original fine of £800 - No Since the £250 fine was confirmed - Yes
  11. I was stopped whilst driving a company car for using a mobile phone and was convicted in my absence of using mobile phone (£250) and no insurance (£550). I completed a HORT2 form at the Police station and had to provide the certificate of insurance and proof of employment (ID badge, wage slip) to the Police, this was clearly marked on the HORT2 document. The case was reopened and the Police document was produced clearly stating that proof of employment was provided, again in my absence. However the case was not withdrawn due to there being no proof of employment??? and was informed o
  12. Thanks again, I would just like to clear something up before I take further action. There were three pcn's issued that led to three warrants and costs incurred. In order to save money I applied for one hearing (hearing fee £80 each) and was successful in having the warrant revoked. The breakdown of costs using round figures is. Parking £120x3 = £360 Bailiffs £120x3 =£360 Van/Removal = £370 Storage of car = £450 Strictly speaking as things stand I am only entitled to a refund of £120 untill the remaining two warrants are revoked (evidence is identical as the
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