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  1. If your car is an automatic, you should have left it in park, leaving an automatic in gear will not work because of the fluid coupling. If a manual it should be in revers if facing down hill or first if facing up hill. You say you heard a click. That sounds as though the hand brake ratchet failed. This can happen if you yank the handbrake on. Yanking the handbrake on can lead to wear on the ratchet, you should always depress the release button when applying the handbrake.
  2. If you have not had your claim satisfactorily dealt with perhaps you would like to join me when I take up my issue with Aviva's CEO at the next annual general meeting. Of course you would need, like me, to be a shareholder.
  3. Cunningham Lindsey is up to all sorts of tricks. One of their tricks is to employ Uplands as their contractors. I have been given to understand, by someone who has checked with Companies House, that Uplands is a subsidiary of Cunnigham Lindsey. Uplands then contracts the work out to a third party who does not do the work that you are led to believe was to be done. I have had that experience myself.
  4. I have had a long running dispute with Aviva/ Cunningham Lindsey. This dispute has been going on for some 10 years. Twenty years ago the gable end of my house was rebuilt as a result of subsidence. The work that was done was of a very poor standard because of the restrictions demanded by the loss adjuster. The work was not only bad, but it was not sufficiently wide enough to remedy the problem, and the wrong materials were used. The wall was rebuilt using metric bricks, which do not tie in with the imperial bricks remaining. This has resulted in a finish that the builders tried to hide behin
  5. Thanks again gysmo, I think I need to pay one last visit to the individual that is supposedly handling the matter at Cunningham Lyndsey's Cardiff office. He seams to be a very reasonable chap. He understands and seams to agree with my complaint. Cheers. Badger.
  6. Thanks . Everything was sent recorded delivery and I have stressed that I will take the matter up with the F.O.S. I have also taken the matter up with the local office of Cunningham Lyndsey, the project managers (loss adjusters), again with no response. My experience over this is just simply appalling. The trouble started eighteen years ago and because the subsidence was not dealt with properly then I have had trouble ever since. I have been complaining about the way things have been dealt with since 2000. With yet another subsidence, in a different part of the house, still the problems
  7. In June of this year Rebecca Sibley asked me to send her the documents I have regarding my complaint with the way a number of claims for subsidence were dealt with which has resulted in my not being able to sell my house. Since sending her the documents relating to my complaint I have been subjected to a wall of silence. BADGER.
  8. As the sixth person did not sign the AST you have nothing to hold him to. It seams to me that the fairest thing you can do is to split the 1/6th rent between the other 5. That is, those who took up the tenancy. Also as he did not sign it was not up to him, as I said earlier, to find a replacement.
  9. I think you're right Mr Shed. The 1925 act is for "legal ownership" and there can only be four names on that. They must be of legal age, and they are joint tenants. There can be more than four names as to "beneficial ownership. They do not have to be of legal age and they can be either joint tenants or tenants in common. With an AST it does not apply as the AST has nothing to do with ownership. Having said that the five tenants who took up their tenancy should look to the tenant who did not take up his tenancy to pay his share of the rent as it was incumbent on him to find a replacement for
  10. I am the freeholder of a leasehold flat and the only thing that I can charge the leaseholder for is ground rent, share of buildings insurance and his (the tenant) share of any maintenance/repairs to the building. I think you need to look at your lease to see if it includes anything else. I have just completed a degree coure in Land/Property Law and in that I did not come across anything that says that you can be charged for anything else. I could be wrong and I would like to know the result.
  11. I accept that, but fairness suggest that you should inform her first. The problem with that is that she may the twist it against you.
  12. EXACTLY!!! and just the reason why the Chief Constable needs to be informed. Never mind about telling her. She is not fit to be a police officer. She should be sack and lose her pension. If nothing is done about this, she will continue in the same way. HE WHO DOES NOTHING ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS IS AS BAD AS THE PERPETATOR.
  13. That is as may be Mr Shed, but the landlady is someone in a public office and as such should act with integrity, she is obviousely not, and thus should be reported anyway.
  14. Hi Poolking. If I were you I'd tell your Landlady (police officer) that unless your rent is returned to you you will take the matter up with the Chief Constable of the force that she is with.
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