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  1. I am leaving now - I am feeling bullied here to be honest dx.
  2. Sidewainder.. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback and for explaining the situation. I do realise that I could be getting more relevant information if I na,ed them but as I said before I am 'not yet' ready.. I am still trying to come to terms with them contacting me out of the blue and trying to get my head round things. Once my mind is settled I will probably have more confidence (in myself) and be more open.
  3. DX That isn't a very nice comment. Why would you want to go find all my past threads - they were not meaningless to me and the responses I got then helped me a great deal so again I think that is mean of you, I was also getting some useful and meaningful advice here without having to name companies. it isn't compulsory is it? if I am, not yet, comofrtable naming them should I be disregarded and accused of posting meaningless threads? I think I am upset now actually.
  4. Have checked... should be statute barred in less than two months not 6. Are they awakening and would a dca take legal action 2 months before statute barred despite not writing to me for two years?
  5. Unclebulgaria - i know the last time I paid and am pretty sure I have not acknowledged the debt since then either. Not checked anything from a cra for years.. Mixture of do not want to know denial and also the confusion of cras and whether they report if I have done any searches etc. I will sAr the cras ... Experian still going? Which others? Also.. Know what you mean about possibly not communicating with them.. Had heard nothing for two years and out of the blue the letter of assignment came a day or so ago referring back to 2012 and with oc letterhead, no address and no departme
  6. Thanks all for clarifying stuff and for jogging my memory banks also. I have written a couple of letters now: - one is to the OC asking about whether they have ever assigned the debt and for a copy of the letter of assignment. I have also reminded them that these were missing (with some other stuff) from my original SAR but have asked in a nice way I have also written to the DCA reminding them that they still have not answered a couple of my letters - one of which was to ask them for their complaints procedure and policy. Have also asked them to respond to my SAR request
  7. What do you mean by the 'days of needing to hide are gone now'? Confused.....
  8. So.. I suppose I need to be more pro active again with the DCA rather than wait for a nasty surprise.. they din't fully oblige with the SAR request nor my follow up complaint two years ago .. I was going to complain to ICO but never got round to it. I guess that will be my next step.. Rather than direct,y contact the DCA?
  9. Thanks but what of my side of things? Do I just not turn up now if I do not want new contract starting on day after my existing contract ends? If appeal not finished by this date (new contract start) I can just not turn up? Do I have to tell them I am not accepting new contract? If the date is now during holiday time how do I make sure my appeal or refusal of new contract written confirmation gets to my boss legally? I take it they can always say they never got email or letter through letter box (cannot rely on xmas postal service I guess???). Do I have to tell them I do not accept their
  10. And when i appeal do i have to mention every aspect of my views on the appeal front or can i save done for tribunal? Do not want them to allow appeal on some aspect that allows them to swallow their pride and then give me stress etc doing this all over again!
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