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  1. I don't mind they put me on other place but still waiting to hear from them. By law why company didn't deal with two grievance I put forward and now in a result site manager is still there without any question asked. I have never joined any Union but seek any possible legal help of that matters
  2. Hi I have been employed by security company and worked at the same site for 5 years. In May 2015 I complained grevience to HR about my site manager bully behaviour and continuously picking on me. HR manager promised me to investigate it but till now nothing has happened. I went on holidays on 5th of August till 1st September and i had to take off on 4th of August due to my 4 years old daughter was not well and had to take her to the doctor and provided doctors letter to my manager, despite that my site manager was going top of his head and started telling to the client and started spill the poison against me to the client we are working for, but stayed alway in contact with my company HR. I complain again to my my company HR about it and they said he should not run to the client and promised me once I come back from holidays they will sit down and try to sort things out. During my holidays my daughter fell sick and had to admit her to the hospital and diagnosed with type1 diabetes. Off course that was the shocking point for us or any parents in the world. I asked for 8 days unpaid from 1st September till 8th September because she was in hospital for 11 days. My regional manager and been HR informed and they said take your time. No need to worry about anything. On 12 September I told them I'm ready to work and my regional manager told me that don't know what site manager told the client about me and they asked me to be removed from the site. AGAIN IM SHOCKED. No reason was given in hand. I don't know by law where do I stand and who I should approach. I believe just because I have 2 official grevience are pending against my manager so he played the game and my company is unable to do anything. Please advice
  3. I made the petition just to make them aware that what other work mates are thinking about the guy behaviour, as mentioned by my manager there is no evidence of anyone else has complained.
  4. can someone advice me where do i stand ? i am bit worried
  5. I have recorded where my site manager saying that he do not have any witness so he cannot do any thing
  6. Hello, I'm working as a security officer in London from last three years and had some problem with my supervisor rude behaviour so sent a grievance complain to HR and the site manager. Site manager didn't do anything to investigate this and said that i don't have any witness and no one formally complained about him so can cannot investigate further but he did not speak to anyone on site if there is any truth of his rudeness and behaviour with other people on site. 8 out of 11 people have problem from his attitude and don't talk to him because he is grass the people and tell so many lies to manager about other people but on other hand he can't even do spellings when write reports. Today I was called in the head office to speak about my matter with HR and the contract manager. They confirmed that I will not be on his shift from next week. Today i presented my contact manager & HR a collective petition signed and dated by other people on site and he got furious and told me if the client knows about it i will be removed from site straight way..... it was sort of the threatening and shocking to me when he reacted on my petition. Just wondering if i get removed from the site where do i stand ? is there any law which says i cannot signed petition etc ... what laws i can follow in worst case scenario. Thanks
  7. My wife is 7 months pregnant and not in good condition and there is no one to take care of her at the moment so i have to take off for her some time and its my 3rd off since she become pregnant. When i called off tonight at 23:00 to inform my site manager and told him all situation and he was forcing me to come to work in the morning and i told him all situation and he start telling me that seems like you are not committed etc, What can he expect from me when my wife is not feeling well ? He issued me a letter few days ago regarding the incident which happened on my work which i was not involved but other person was, he tried to put all my family problems in the letter and advice me to ignore it when i receive that. My supervisor checked the camera next day to find out who was to blame and its on camera that i did not done any thing and he is just trying to find something on me without any reason, also some people on the work told me that he is after me like he was against other guys. I do not know why he is dragging me in situations which i have nothing to do. Therefore Its been 7 months on this work but 3 years with the company and i worked so hard and to be honest i am not feeling comfortable any more here and feeling pressure and intense. Its seems like my work do not want me to work on this site. I am really intense as my wife is pregnant as well and i am scared of my job. Note: My company manager and work manager are 2 different persons. I have also sent an email to my company Manager and Regional Manager as well and still waiting them to ring me. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Does anyone know where I can download a template for a Tenancy agreement for renting a room or flat. Please attach the form or send me link if you can. Thanks
  9. Hi Scott What was your Apr and what is yor credit history like ? Thanks foryour reply.
  10. Hello I need a quick advice regarding a loan application which i will be applying next month. I need around £3000 loan for my wedding in March. I am earning around 22k a year and i am on electrol since june 2006 and been living on same address from last 4 years. I have got 3 credit cards since june 2006 and paying of card without any missed payment but i do have balance of £650 (£1000 limit) on my barclaycard. So i need advice to apply for a loan where i would have more chances to be accepted , basically dont want to have many searches on my file. My salary is coming in to my Lloyds tsb account and i dont have any OD limit and no credit card with them. I would appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for reply as i was looking for a laptop and camcoder so altogather the cost is around £800, i dont mind paying them deposit of £200 up front and willing to pay them back within interest free period. Thanks.
  12. Hello I am using my asda card from last 5 months and paying in full each month . I am thinking to apply for Paypal or Ge card , is it likely to be accepted for me as i am using one of their brand ? Has any one gone through with same situation. Thanks.
  13. Hello I hope i am writing in proper section. Well i want to buy a laptop and a camcoder from dixons or currys next month and i need to know how hard is their credit check for pay monthly finance options. Have you gone through with any experiance. Thanks.
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