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  1. Hi I hope someone may be able to help. About two years ago Creation Financial tried to take me court over a storecard debt of approximately 4500.00 which I defended due to the fact I had previously asked for a copy of the credit agreement and received a letter back stating they no longer had this documentation. They did not file their information in time and the case was struck out. About 6 months later they applied to re-instate the claim which I again replied to however they did not turn up at court and it was again struck out. In the past few weeks I have had two letters from Drydens stating they are reinstating the claim and the last one asking me to contact them within 7 days to reach an agreement and the amount is now over 5000.00. Where do I go from here? I thought that the matter would be closed, is there a way to get this stopped permanently?
  2. Thanks, I will do, it is just hard knowing where to start. I have 2 weeks before Court and I am having trouble sleeping at night, because I am constantly thinking about it.
  3. Would you be able to help me. My claim was struck out in January this year, however 4 weeks ago I received a letter from the court advising that the claimant has requested the claim be reinstated as they filed the documents at the wrong court. I requested my agreement and they sent a blank copy stating that the agreement could not be retrieved. This was in October last year. I requested it again along with any other documents relating to this case last December. They replied that it would take a few weeks to get the information together and I never heard anything else. What should I do now? I realise you must be busy but I would be grateful for any advice you could give me. Thanks
  4. Thank you. It will probably be tomorrow before I can get it all together and scanned in as I am a bit of an old fogey where technology is concerned. Is that o.k.?
  5. Do you think we will hear from them again? Or are you going to take them to court?
  6. Is there anyone out there that can help? Is there something I can file requesting the case remain struck out re; no agreement etc? Also do I have to attend court, I am terrified.
  7. Our citibank account was passed to hillesden and we received a letter from them saying they had checked with land registry that we were the owners of our property and would be seeking a charging order. We then cca them and received a letter every month for about a year advising us that they would be sending the info shortly. After a year they sent us a letter saying they didn't have the cca and returned our postal order but stated although the agreement was not enforcable it would not be written off. Hope this helps.
  8. That is exactly the same letter that I received with a blank agreement. After starting court proceedings 7 months ago and it being struck out because they did not file their papers on time, they are trying to reinstate proceedings. Make sure you get all your paperwork in order because I am starting to think maybe I haven't done everything correctly.
  9. Hi, I really hope that someone out there can help us! About 10 months ago I requested a cca from Creation Financial and received a letter back from them stating that due to a system anomaly it could not be retrieved and enclosing a blank agreement form with absolutely no details whatsoever. Shortly after this I received a letter from Greenhalghs solicitors stating that they were going to take court action which they proceeded to do so in December last year. My defence had to be in court by 21/1/09 which I did. A couple of weeks later I had a letter from the court stating that it had been struck out as they had not filed their papers in time. I have now had a letter from the court that they have asked for the case to be reinstated and a hearing will take place on the 29th June. They have said it was due to a computer glitch that the papers were filed at the wrong court. I sent them a letter in December requesting the cca again and other information in relation to this account and they replied approx two weeks later saying it would take a few weeks to get this info together, and I have had no correspondence from them since that time. What do I do now? I really do not want to go to court. Please can someone help?
  10. Can someone else sign the allocation questionnaire on your behalf? Thanks
  11. yes it is, sorry but I have had real trouble getting on the site today, and the n150 has to be submitted tomorrow. Apologies
  12. Hi all Last October we found this site because we desperately needed help. Citibank had sold a credit card debt of nearly 8k to Hillesden who were going to get a charging order on our property. After help on this site we cca them, they then sent us a letter every month stating the account was on hold. Two weeks ago we received a letter stating they did not have the cca so was unenforcable and with a postal order for £1.00! However we now have a problem with creation finance I sent a request for a cca and we received a letter back saying due to a system anomaly this could not be retrieved, however greenhalghs have issued a ccj against me, I have defended this but have received an allocation questionnaire, how do I fill this in, please help?
  13. I have to pop out for a bit, I will log back in later. Thanks for everything.
  14. I wish I understood all that. Isn't going to be easy for them to get a copy of the default notice?
  15. It was issued on 17th November and the account was opened in 1999.
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