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  1. Dont bother with them go to cab they will sort it out,they sorted mine out.
  2. Can British Gas change Direct Debit with out your permission to a higher figure.
  3. Hope you have better luck than me i got rid of mine by getting a loan through Direct loan.but i did tell them what i thought of them this MLA should be not be allowed.it wrecks peoples lives maybe oft can do something.
  4. Hi every body i ditched HSBC and started saving with N S I Easy access Savings but did not realise that you have to keep £100 pound in there so going to close it and go to Credit Union as we got one opened in our town.
  5. does Gurantor get a copy of agreement so you have 7 days to change mind
  6. dont touch flm loans it is like a death penalty read Ripoff report for comsumers.i was Guarantor for daughter in law for loan she could not pay so they take it out of your bank,i signed it in 5 mins and she told me it wont come down to me.i did not recieve a contract so could not change my mind.i am sure i should of had a contract so could read and could change my mind in 7 days.i paid it off on 246h of feb this year and not recieved reciept.i paid £2,797.33 in front of my bank manager. I know took my daughter in law trust the marriage has broken up now.
  7. As i was a guarantor for my daughter in law should i have had a contract of term and conditions sent to me and had 7 days to change my mind.
  8. my daughter in law could not pay so it came down to me,i have had to get loan from my bank and pay it off.£2,797.33 that was on 26th feb and they said in front of bank manager that they would send receipt now it is 22nd of march and still not heard from them.i am worried they will use my details as heard so much about them.
  9. surely if he has paid 36 payments as stated in contract that is all he should pay.not sure but that is the way i see it,
  10. flm loans dont touch them,they are the worst loan sharks. i was Guarantor for daughter in law,dont have anything to do with them.she did not pay a couple of payments so took it straight out of my bank.3,000 in july paid it of today 2,797.33 i warn you dont go down that road i beg you.
  11. They wont get a good reception here i can assure you that,they will get a rough ride here.
  12. If i buy now do it on line as it is cheaper and not kept waiting also when bill comes in pays that on line and keeps records of payment so i dont get nasty people on phone fed up with hanging on phone for ages boosting my phone bill up. if they want us to shop with them over phone it should be free.
  13. People dont want to shop with them as there APR is going to be 39.7% if you dont have direct debit which i will not do. from 30th of january i hope they go out of buisness.
  14. Hi welcome to this forum,if you want a settlement figure you are out of luck as i have been there mine managed loan was £11,200 in 2005 paying £145.47decided to get rid of it.I also asked for settlement figure there answer was no ,i owed £10,093.71 i paid then they added on top £49.17 on top for interest, i was fuming and what i said could not be repeated,that was paid in 7/12/2007
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