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  1. Good morning. Thank you for replying and sorry for not responding sooner. Whenever they attend we have always been out. The car is not subject to finance and is definitely worth more than the amount owed. Hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Good evening all. Haven't been on here for years but every time I do I always get great help so thank you in advance. I need some general advice. Wife got PCN for £65 which we forgot to pay. Eventually got a letter from Collect stating we had to call them by 5:00pm on 19th Oct. 2015 to pay or make arrangement to pay the debt now totalling £277. Wife called on time and explained our situation and offered to pay £28 per month to clear debt (we're on benefits so thats all we could afford). They accepted the payment and told us to put in writing our payment offer by email which she did. We received no reply to our email! Then on 5th November a bailiff attended our property with an enforcement notice with a total of £484!?? My wife rang the bailiff who said we had agreed a monthly payment of £50???? My wife told him that was not true. He then said that he would have to refer back to the office. My wife then sent an email that day complaining. They again never responded in person (but we receive automated responses). On the 19th November I called to make the 2nd instalment. The man would not accept my payment and told me that there was a payment plan in place for £28 PER WEEK???? I then went to the bank and paid them directly. We then had another visit on the 18th December demanding £456 (£28 less than previous)!! My wife called them again and they said that they sent an email to her on 24th November (which my wife did not receive; however that was the same time Talk Talk was hacked) stating that they would not accept £28 but we had to pay £114 due on the 1st December. They also asked for a full breakdown of our expenses including copies of bank statements; proof of benefits etc. Their email also stated that "you should continue to make regular payments of as much as you are able" (which is what we are doing in the first place????????). I then paid the next £28 instalment on the 19th December and also on the 19th January. Please tell me how we proceed. My wife is not comfortable providing personal bank details etc especially as they have been dishonest with their stated payment arrangements we have never agreed to! We accept the original £277 charge and will pay that with no problem! Thanks again in advance.
  3. Thanks for this. I will check with the council. Should I stop paying Newlyn & move payment to council in mean time (next payment at beginning of September)
  4. Hi all. It has been a long while since I posted but I'm back and thank you for all your past help! I have a council tax debt which I have set up a S/O to pay Newlyns £100 every month! I cannot afford more (getting housing benefit and wife doesnt work). I keep getting calls saying there coming to take goods for auction (I live in a furnished rented property) and letters saying there gonna do all sorts. Last letter said "committal proceedings" with a view to prison or attachments of earnings. How do I handle this? Reading other posts you've recommended paying the council direct. Should I stop Newlyn S/O & pay council direct? I'm NEVER going to let them in to my flat. Thanks for letting me know. Got 2 kids on holiday and dont want them involved in my situation.Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for reply. She has tried that and credit card company say they won't refund charge. Is it worth her pushing for this?
  6. Good evening all. I friend of mine booked and paid for a holiday recently and was 'hit' with a £47.50 "transaction fee" which she was not aware of. When she queried it she was told in an email: "Transaction charges are always quoted in the price at the time of booking this is a breakdown of costs that an agent gets for selling all operators flights and hotels. The transaction charges are always included at the time of booking. By law we have to show the customer what we get to sell all holidays." My friend says this was never mentioned to her and if it was she would not have booked the holiday. The only charge she was informed of was the 1% credit card charge which she accepted. I told her that the phone call was probably recorded and that they should listen to the recording. She has not received a reply to this request yet. Please let me know if there is anything she can do.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping we would have a week or so. That should be enough time to sort ourselves out. Have a great weekend.
  8. Good afternoon all. Need some advice. I'm living with my in-laws who are being evicted due to rent arrears (private rent). They have somewhere to go now but I don't. The possession order was dated for 26th May. The Housing dept. told me that I would not have to leave the property until I get an eviction notice. How long does it usually take from possession order to eviction notice and bailiffs attending? This is important breathing space for me so can sort myself out. Can't move with in-laws as there will be no space. Thanks in advance.[/font]
  9. Good afternoon all, I hope you are having a good day. A quick question: My son lives with his in-laws in a rented property and is starting a business. He wants to register his business as a limited company and use my address as the registered address (he may be moving soon and doesnt want the hassle of having to change address). Once he has bought his house, he will change the address. Is this okay for him to do? Would there be any implications for me or my house. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Thankyou, We have now vacated the rented family home, we still don't know if the bailiffs will attend our rented offices which do not belong to the landlord, We confirm the office and home do not have the same landlord they are not one and the same. The possession order was received by us on 3rd April, the court hearing was on 28th March, at which point we assume the order was made. We do not owe rent on our current office Since our original thread we have since received a letter from the landlords solicitor ordering us to vacate on or before the 11th April, but on the solicitors letter there is no mention of our office address, it only states the rented family home address, of which we have now vacated. Thanks so far,
  11. A house was rented for my family and I to occupy as a family home. This was done in my Companies name and I also had somone act as guarantor. Unfortunately due to financial restraints experienced by my company we have fallen into serious rent arrears. Consequently the house we are renting has been granted a possession order. The court has ordered that the defendant give the claimant possession of offices which we do not own, we rent an office space within a building, but do not own the building or office. The court has ordered that we vacate our offices on or before the 11th April 2008. The court has also ordered the defendant which is my company and the guarantor to pay the full sum of the arrears plus charges of £37.81 per day from April 23rd 2008, until possession of the property (in this case our rented office) to the claimant (our landlord). The court has also ordered that the first and second defendant pay the claimaints costs, such costs to be assessed if not agreed. The costs against the second defendant to be on an indemnity basis. The order of possession is against our rented offices!! Should it not be for the house we were renting? There is no mention of the house we were renting on the order of possession. We have vacated the house. PLEASE HELP THIS IS ALL GOING TO HAPPEN ON OR BEFORE FRIDAY 11TH APRIL 2008. THANKYOU
  12. Hi Conniff, thanks again for your replies. The charity has a copy of the MOT certificate but the garage still has the minibus waiting for payment. They will ask the garage what the PSV and pre MOT tests were for. I know that the garage told them that the labour charge for the MOT was the waiting time for them to take the minibus for the MOT, which is now accepted. Once again, I think the real issue here and the answer that the Charity needs me to tell them is where they stand with regard to the fact that the garage undertook an additional £858.85 of work without notifying them first! Work that they could not and cannot afford to pay for! They received a quote and on the basis of 'the quote only' authorised the garage to do the work as listed on the quote! At no stage did the garage ever tell them that the additional work was needed (even if it was necessary to pass the MOT). The worse case would have been that they would have paid for the crash damage and the exhaust and just parked up the vehicle with a SORN until they had the funds to do the work to pass the MOT. The charity IS NOT going to pay for work they were not told about and did not give authorisation to do (they would be willing to pay for the additional exhaust work)! Where do they stand with this single point! Thanks
  13. Hi Conniff, I am not sure what work was done for the MOT or not but I will list here ALL the items not on the original quote. 1. LABOUR COSTS PSV Inspection £97.50 (please tell me what this is for?) - Coolant leaks pressure Test/tighten hose £32.50 - King pins lift & rock grease up £26.50 - Replace O/S number plate bulb £6.50 - Replace NSF side light bulb £6.50 - Replace exhaust system £97.50 - Replace broken side load door inner handle £48.75 - Replace two seat belt buckles £32.50 - Take for MOT & wait while tested £65.00 GRAND TOTAL = £413.25!!! 2. PARTS Buckle assembly X 2 (@78.50) £157.00 - Door Handle £46.03 - Silencer £51.68 - Front Downpipe £62.67 GRAND TOTAL = £317.38 All of the above plus VAT!!! They were quoted £59.56 for a tailpipe for the exhaust (it had fallen off already) and were told that was ALL that was needed to 'fix' the exhaust. No mention was made of needing a complete system!! Now the charity does understand that some of the work may have been needed for the minibus to pass the MOT. However, they were quoted £32.50 for a pre-MOT check. Should that not have highlighted some if not all of the problems!??! And in any case should the charity not been told of what work needed to be carried out before they went ahead and did the work. I am told that with the exception of the exhaust, ALL the other work listed above could have been done by a family friend of the charity for the cost of the parts ONLY (they would have given him something to say thanks). I hope this is the write info that you need. And once again a BIG THANK YOU!!
  14. Hi all. The garage said the battery was 'no good'. The minibus hadnt been driven for a few months after the original accident. In any case the battery isnt really the issue here. The real issue is all of the unauthorised work done that has 'sky rocketed' the bill. Is there anything the charity can do. They cant afford the bill. The original quote was a quote not an estimate. Works were listed individually, with parts prices, labour time and total cost of labour and parts shown seperately with VAT added. How does £700 become £1411???
  15. Hi Conniff, thanks for your reply. I will need to check if it was a quote or an estimate. What I do know is that they were given an itemised "quote/estimate" with parts and labour charge listed for each job. The minibus is a 17 seater. The final bill is itemised. Just to add they received a phone call yesterday to say that the garage had 'forgotten' to include the cost of a new battery onto the bill, so it has now gone up by another £60!!!!!!
  16. Good evening, I hope you've all had a good day. I need your help. A small local charity has a minibus used for transporting people (not for charging) and mainly children. It was involved in an accident and was driven to a main dealer for repair. At the same time the MOT ran out so the garage was asked to do the MOT as well. The garage did a quote which came to £1400 including the accident damage (parts & labour included). The accident portion of the quote was £700, the remainder was work needed to pass the MOT. The quote was agreed and the insurance comp. authorised the work. The garage called to confirm job done and when they arrived to pick up the minibus a bill was handed over for £1600!!! This charge did not include the accident work which was done thru the insurance. The insurance excess was £150 and they had added VAT at £94!?! The repair bill for the minibus totalled £1411!?! There explanation for the "additional charges" was work needed to pass MOT. None of the additional work had been authorised by the owners of the vehicle and none of it appeared on the original agreed quote. There is a charge on the bill for 'Pre MOT inspection' and a charge for taking the vehicle to have the MOT done!?! There is also a PSV inspection charge - Whats that??? The charity does not have the money to pay this charge and would never have authorised the additional work above the original quote. If xtra work was needed to pass MOT they would have taken it somewhere cheaper. The garage will not budge! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP. The charity cant pick the kids up while this is going on! THANKS ALL
  17. Firstly, Happy New Year to you all. You have helped me get rid off Ruthless the balliffs and a separate parking fine. You guys/gals are grrrreat!!!!!! Well its 2008 and here we go again. This time my problem is aol. Dec 06, I bought a laptop and connected to aol dial up (reason for dial up is that I would be moving in 2 months and wanted internet straight away). I moved and kept the dial up, then moved again to a house that already has talk talk broadband. I cancelled the dial up in August according to there instructions and recvd a confirmation email. Then in December, I noticed payments to aol had resumed. Further investigation showed they had started taking money again in Sept! I queried it with them and they said that because I had "accessed the software" I had given them permission to start taking payments again!!???!! I then cancelled it again. I also went to my bank (Barclays) to stop the payment and they said that because it was set up on my debit card they could'nt stop the payment. Barclays told me that they do not recommend customers taking out this type of card payment as I or they cannot cancel it only aol!!??!! I sent aol a letter b4 Xmas outlining my complaint and saying that I want my money back and the cost of my recorded letter. I recvd a letter today basically telling me politely where to go! This is not how I expected to start 2008. Can they take money from my account without my permission? Do they have the right to keep my debit card details? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Thanks for reply Hippy Chick! Have a great day!!!!;-)
  19. Hi all. I sent off a letter asking for a copy of the credit agreement to Ruthbridge letter dated 12th Nov sent recorded delivery. They left a v/mail saying they had recieved letter and asking me to call them (which I didnt). I have not heard anything from them since. Does this mean they will no longer be hassling me? Please let me know. Thank you!
  20. Thanks for that last reply. It appears that the councils and the baliffs are counting on us not knowing the law or not being willing to pursue them using the law. You guys and gals are GRRRRRREAT! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Thanks again for reply. I will let her know what 2 do. Where will she stand with the fact that she had the clamp removed? Im going to get sum sleep now. THANK YOU!!!
  22. Thanks for your reply. She told me that she doesnot dispute the original parkg tckt. However, I do not know if she has had any further notification to pay or any subsequent calls/letters re same. If I assume she has, will she still be able to do what you advised? I wont know any further info until l8r. Also, how 'easy' will it b for her to go thur this process (looks complicated). Once again thanks!
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