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  1. cheers Armadillo - im putting together the appeal to popla so will pist up for the forums perusal when done thanks for everyones help so far
  2. yeah it is on a big sign at the entrance - debatable wether its practical to stop at the entrance, read and digest the implications as you are coming of a main and very busy road though
  3. got there eventually - this is an image of the copy of the sign they have in the car park
  4. Merry Christmas all just before santa came the letter of rejection arrived from Met parking giving me the needed POPLA code so , in a nut shell, whats next to do ?
  5. regarding dates - all seems correct there - recieved the notice approx 12 days after the offence havent a clue if signage is readable from car etc - though heading that way this afternoon so will go and have a look
  6. are we ok to Email the apeal to Met or should i stick to snail mail ?
  7. HI all, In the past when ive had these i have filed them in the bin and ignored the reminders and nothing has ever come of them, but, i am reading more about them going to court these days so want people opinions on if i should appeal or ignore ( or pay ? ) A sunday afternoon, spent 112 minutes in mcdonalds having lunch, drinking a couple of coffees and utilising Maccy D's free wifi to watch Lewis Hamilton win the grand prix championship and Liverpool play on sky go on ipad. I did notice the parking signs as i drove in but assumed they were 2 hours stay like most other
  8. Cheers for the replies peeps no further on as of yet but got a meeting with them at their head office in next few days to see whats what and then i will take it from there - im not out to get rid of the loan or anything like that and after the meeting i will be followiing it up with a closer look at the ppi etc but short term its about getting them tied down to what we owe, how we owe it and how much we have to pay back - aftyer i get those answers ill start getting nasty lol
  9. cheers guys, fair enough comments and i will attempt to sort out a letter this evening and get it posted. Thanks
  10. HI, Just a quick question really - I hve a loan with Welcome, it has 2 lots of Lifecare 24 Migrated charges on it for £180 each - making £360. It has been added into the loan at a cost of £6.59 per month over a 180 month duration making a total payment of £1186.20 ( possibly plus any monthly interest ? ) and to top it off from what i can see from the paperwork it was only valid for the first five years of the loan. Is this classed as a PPI charge and can it be claimed back ? Thanks, Scort
  11. Hi All REALLy need some help wth this as Welcome just seem to be making up stuff off the top of their head to try and get us to pay extra. At first they told us that we would NEVER pay off the loan and it was what they called an infinity account Then they decided the reason why we wouldnt ever pay off the loan was because the payment holiday payments had gone on to the end of the account and were knocking up massive amounts of nterest each month ( more than we werer paying off) - so to counter act ths one chap has said we need to pay a lump sum of 1400, another chap has sad we ne
  12. Thanks for the reply - sort of sums up what i thought so ill just play the ignoring game untill i hear more
  13. Sorry, Wasnt sure of the best place to put this so feel free to move if you can fnd somewhere better. At the begining of 2011 i sent a mal shot introducing my company ( executive taxis) to a local firm of accountants. They called me up and saidcome in and see us and find out what we can do for you and what you can do for us. So i went in, had an hour long meeting which was nothing to do with what i could provde them and everythng to do with them doing my tax returns ! I got completely bamboozled lol and left with a form to instruct the taxt office to let the accountants act on m
  14. Thanks for the lonesome reply What im really after is what in the above i can get them on (if anything) - the charges for example seem way out of properton with actual costs - BUT - what bit of the law can use ? can i try and claim tyhem back or am i wasting my time ? Has anybody had any success claiming such charges back from welcome ?
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