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  1. Hi, Just to add some info that might help. I had an accident where someone hit me from behind at less than 20 miles/hr. Did about £700 damage. I had an underlying shoulder injury and the accident caused whiplash and exacerbation of shoulder injury. Thru my insurance company i claimed for injury and was seen by medical experts. As a result i had physio paid for and recieved £3000 compensation. Took 3 years in toatal to sort out, but thankfully have no lasting neck damage. Points to note: Did your mum seek medical attention following accident Time off work? If so, then seek injury claim thru your insurance solicitors.
  2. I agree with Bazooka, report them to police for fraud, and send copies to OFT. I might also be inclined to write to whoever was the original creditor and show them what illegal practices their debt collectors are undertaking.
  3. If you can, it might be worth reading up a little about The Disability Discrimination Act. It gives you a brief outline about long term sickness and the employment law. It might help you understand your rights and your employers responsibilities. Good Luck
  4. When i say current account ,I had a current account that was overdrawn. Each time i became overdrawn my nice bank manager propped me up with a loan or increased my overdraft facility.
  5. Cannot remember. Think some of it was loan, some current account and some overdraft. Does it make a difference?
  6. Still nothing from Credit security, re account in dispute. Do i need to do anything else at this stage?
  7. Hi, weatherwitch. I never got letters from BLS because they never updated their records when notified of change of address 4 years ago. So they passed mine on to credit security ltd, who sent a couple of threatening letters, cca'd them, got the same response as you. like you i will keep an eye on posts to see what they do. I have had no respnse to my account in dispute letter sent a week ago.
  8. LLoyds must be having a spring frolic..... i received the same letter instead of my cca, but requested mine through credit security ltd. Sent the account in dispute / failure to provide letters but nothing back as yet.
  9. thanks, sent today wait and see what comes next
  10. Just a quick question? Do i still need to put i do not acknowledge any debt on this letter? Thanks
  11. Received a letter from CSL today on LLoyds headed paper. Statement from 4/09-4/10 Loan provided : unavailable interest rate 0% Terms of agreement :unavailable Opening balance £6000 or therabouts Closing Balance £6000 or therabouts minus one payment. ( I made 3) Says statement does not conatian all information, and if i want it, to contact them again. Next step.... failure to provide letter and account in dispute letter?
  12. Fraud department at Halifax siad that CSL requested a copy of CCA on my behalf. Letter with my adresss and details but sent from CSL. I asked CSL for CCA in Jan, but no response from them. Nothing on file. No defaults or anything. Should BLS defaulted before selling this on? I just need to wait to see what CSL do.
  13. Update: Yesterday i got a letter from Halifax thanking me for my statutory request? Never made one! Talked to their complaints department to find that it was credit security ltd aksing on my behalf! Do halifax own lloyds tsb now? The lady said they have no records on me so were unable to provide info to cred sec ltd. I have heard nothing from cred sec since my request in january.
  14. Today i received a letter from Halifax Completions Centre Cheshire. It says thank you for your statutory request in respect of the above loan agreement....... bla bla bla, but we cannot provide information because details are incorrect. I never made a reqeust, and have never applied for a loan with Halifax. Is someone doing a credit check on me or is someone frauding my details. The letter is adressed to me, but does not provide any reference number regarding loan reference. The only outstanding debt i have is with BLS, could it be them, originally lloyds tsb? How can i find out who made this request? Thanks for any advice
  15. i have got post office receipt and printed electronic proof of signature from royal mail. Just waiting to see what these guys do next.
  16. CCa letter sent and received by credit security ltd on 20/01/2010. 12+2 days up. Can only wait and see what happens next.
  17. if i cca credit security and they cannot produce the cca, do they refer it back to bls, or does it go back to lloyds because the debt has been sold on? CCa letter done to credit security, letter to BLS asking for confirmation that they sold the debt on. Meanwhile i will cease payments to BLS, and put the money aside forever who decides to lay official claim to it.
  18. Credit security have contacted me again today second letter from them. "Despite me disregarding all attempts by them to contact me, the are prepared to give me a 70% discount if i pay and settle the account before end of January" If not then will have no other option but take me to court. Time for cca letter? Do i stop payments to BLS, who incidently would not give me any info over the phone when i tried to find out if the debt had been sold on. Any help would be great. Thanks
  19. I am still not sure what to do about this account. Credit security LTD are asking for £6000 (the outstanding amount on the agreement), but money is still being paid to BLS. Do i write to Credit security with "i do not acknowledge any debt with you" and explain that another dca is managing this account? Do i contact BLS and see if they have passed it on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. This is for a current account and overdraft on an old lloyds account
  21. My story is this so far. In 2000 i got into substantial debt with my lloyds account, £19500. Since dec 2001 i have been paying BLS each month an agreed payment. In feb this year 2009 i was struggling financially so stopped paying. The payments were reinstated in October 2009. On 17th Dec 2009 Credit security ltd wrote to me asking me to contact me re LLoyds account. (the same account) My query is what to do next. Bls are receiving payments, although i had not paid for 7 months, and they did not contact me about this. I am presuming that they have passed this on to ceredit security ltd. Do i contact credit security ltd and tell them that i am paying BLS or do i cca credit security Ltd ? I am happy to pay the money, just not sure who is handling the account now and dont want to be paying Bls if someone else owns the account now. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. It would be great to see the back end of these guys. Thanks all for your support thus far x
  23. Is there any point doing a SAR? Cabot have more or less admitted that the account is statute barred. I have heard nothing more from them. I guess if they start hassling me again i will have to go down that route, but at this time i am sitting back waiting to see what there next move is. Hopefully nothing...... fingers crossed.
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